Lime Simple Syrup

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Lime Simple Syrup

If you are hopping over from Top This Top That, I am so glad that you are here!

I was raised on sweet tea.

My mama was putting it in my thermos for lunch by the time I was in the 1st grade.

No Kool-aid at my house…

…my friends wanted my mama’s sweet tea!

In the summer, she would hang little gold mugs from hooks under the cabinets so that we could come in and fix it ourselves.

Sweet memories. 🙂

So when my Southern friends wanted to get together and share drink recipes…

…I knew mine had to involve sweet tea!

So here is a fun lime simple syrup that will sweeten your tea while adding a hint of flavor.

How to Make Simple Syrup with Lime

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Strawberry Pretzel Salad

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Strawberry Pretzel Salad

My mama might be the best cook on the planet.

She “loves” people with food.

And, she loves her son-in-law.

We don’t live in the same town as my parents,

so when we start planning to head their way,

she starts planning the menus.

She wants to make sure that her meals are going to send David back for seconds…

…nothing fills her with more joy than when my husband goes back for seconds.

And somewhere along the way,

she introduced him to her strawberry pretzel salad.

You know it’s one of her best recipes,

because it made it into the church cookbook.

That’s where Southern cooks share their finest.

You can’t put just any ‘ole recipe in the church cookbook.

It has your name attached to it right there for everyone to see.

And, the recipe will quickly become

“Gloria’s Strawberry Pretzel Salad.”

Strawberry Jello Salad

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How to Make an Easy Blackberry Cobbler

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How to Make an Easy Blackberry Cobbler

I dream of having a garden,

right in my own backyard.

It will be full of tomatoes and cucumbers,

green beans and squash.

I will go to the garden in my sun bonnet,

and pick baskets full of fresh produce.

I will cook veggies, and freeze veggies,

and bake cobblers.

{Now hear the sound of brakes screeching to a halt.}

My reality is that we are gone too much in the summer for such a garden!

So, I have the next best thing.

Friends who have a garden. . .

that let me care for their garden for 10 days every summer. . .

in exchange for the fresh produce.

I don’t wear a bonnet.

And, it is not right in my own backyard.

But, I do fill baskets full of produce.

Then, I come home

and cook veggies, and freeze veggies,

and bake cobblers.

This year, as luck would have it,

we are the keepers of the garden while the blackberries are coming in!

How to Make a Blackberry Cobbler @ DaisyMaeBelle

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