Swing in the Family Room

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Still enjoying great times at the beach.

Tonight, I am trying to get this post out before we head out to ride go-carts!

My girls are busy icing cupcakes.

We have formed them into a fish and they are icing them in several creative colors they have come up with.

My youngest is wishing for “piping bags like the Cake Boss has.”

She loves that show!

Oh well, cheap butter knives from our condo will have to work.

Before I left, I snapped a few pictures of a house that I recently had the privilege of decorating.

This family is special to me, because they started my decorating career about 7 years ago when they asked me to help them decorate their living space.

I had never done anything like it before, and I worked for trade.

Renee cooked a WONDERFUL home-cooked meal for me once a week for about 8 weeks in exchange for my services.

At the time, Daisy was 5, Anna Belle was 3 and Lila Mae was 6 months.

What a tremendous service to me and my family!

Word spread that I had decorated their house, and others soon asked me to help them with theirs.

Soon, I was decorating for real money!

So, here is the family room that I just finished for them.

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How to Make a Pillow Cover from a Sweater

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We arrived safe and sound last night at the beach!

 I am now blogging from the balcony overlooking the ocean.

This is the life!

Here is another quick project I completed before we got out of town.

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How to Update a Pillow with a Scarf

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My family leaves for the beach TODAY!!!

We are fortunate to get a long fall break.

We will have 11 glorious nights in Florida.

We have been counting down the days since school started!

I will have my computer with me while I am there.

I still plan on blogging away!

I have been a busy bee getting all of the pictures that I am going to need for my posts.

I smile as I write knowing all of the fun memories that we are going to make.

I have a few ideas about our travel this year.

I will share those with you in a few days.

Today, I am going to show you a little more of my porch.

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How to Make Moss Balls

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Daisy is officially 13 years old.

Her room is almost complete!

I only have a few pictures to share. . .

I took these pictures after a slumber party the night before, so I had to zoom in pretty close!

I will share more pictures when the sleeping bags and general mess are gone!

Daisy loves “simple.”

She wanted to make sure that the arrangement over her bed was not “too much.”

Here is what we came up with.

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My New Chair for the Family Room

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We did a little work in our family room this spring – popcorn scrapped off of the ceiling, built-in entertainment center removed, tv relocated above fireplace, recessed lights added and new hardwood floors.

And, no we did not do it ourselves!  Hubby and I are both DIY inadequate!

I did paint the walls all by myself!

And, the decorating is all mine!

The built-in entertainment center took up a whole wall.  When we took it out, it allowed for more seating!

Which is much needed when you have a family of 5!

This created a need for a new chair for me!

So, I have had this chair sitting in my garage since last fall.

(There is another chair in there that has been there for 10 years!  Hopefully, I will feel up to tackling that one soon!  It will be a lot more involved!  Maybe even professional upholstery!)

Yes, I tend to procrastinate. . . until I started this blog!

Now, I am in constant motion getting projects completed!

Here is what I came up with:

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Another Pillow! Can My House Really Hold Another Pillow?

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I am working on a new chair for my den.  We recently did a little work on our den. . . hardwood floors, new paint, smoothed ceiling (yes, we still had the popcorn!)

I kept most of my stuff, just rearranged a little.

 Actually, I am trying to moving to a more “neutral” color scheme.  I only want small doses of color.  But, I am torn at the same time.  I really like color.  Yet, I love the serenity of all neutral.  I am trying to find the right balance.  I was talking to a lady at a yard sale the other day (the yard sale where I found my kitchen scale!)  She was saying that she was doing the same thing.  Trying to move to all neutral, yet finding it hard to get rid of all of the color.  I will find the right balance for us!  (A pretty small concern!)

Back to the chair. . . it is painted and just needs to have the cushion covered.  I am hoping to get to that after church camp.

I have made the pillow for it though!

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