Simple Landscaping Ideas

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in backyard, garden, garden art, outdoors | 29 comments

Simple Landscaping Ideas

Summer is here and it’s time to take the fun outdoors!

So my Southern friends are back together to share some Outdoor Living ideas with you!


I decided that I would give you my backyard tour that is full of Simple Landscaping Ideas!

Simple Landscaping Ideas

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Simple DIY Tent

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Simple DIY Tent

I did not grow up in a camping family.

We were more of the hotel sort.

When we went on vacation…we liked to play hard all day…enjoy a good dinner at night…and cuddle up in a soft bed with fresh linens each night.

{Not to mention warm showers and flushing toilets.}

I know that camping is an amazing family activity…but my parents did not pass those skills on to me.

So to make up for our lack of camping; I decided to make my girls a super cute tent that they could hang out in during the day.

{And still enjoy all of the comforts of home! 🙂 }

How to Make a Simple Tent

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Rope Wrapped Chain for a Porch Swing

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Rope Wrapped Chain for a Porch Swing

I’m really not much of a detail person.

I’m more of a “Big Picture” kind of girl.

I think it’s because I don’t make time for details.

I like to move on to the next project.

I have a lot less OCDand a lot more ADD.

But let me tell you…if you have a porch swing that is hanging with chains…

…you should take 1 hour…and find some rope…

…because this little detail is worth your time!


Rope Wrapped Chain

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Garden Hose Wreath

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Garden Hose Wreath

Have you ever had a yard sale…and had a car drive by slowly…trying to decide if your junk was worthy of stopping for…

…only to have the car keep driving.


I mean, you don’t want the stuff any more…but it hurts somehow to have someone else not even think your stuff worthy of stopping for.

I typically try to stop at every yard sale…or at least not make eye contact with the host as I drive by.

I must admit that me and my crew did several “drive-bys” this weekend.

But when I saw this garden hose rolled up…I knew we had to stop!

I knew it would make the perfect summer wreath for my garden shed!

How to Make a Wreath out of a Garden Hose

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Easy Outdoor Projects

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Easy Outdoor Projects

Every year at this time…it’s the same thing.

A precious bird builds her nest on our column on the front porch.

Right above my rocking chair.

And every year I don’t have the heart to remove her nest.

I just let her build away and hatch her babies right there beside my front door.

It makes my rocking chair a very dangerous place to sit for a few weeks…

…but I’m ok with that.

So here are some easy outdoor projects to welcome some birds to your house!

{Click on any picture to see the “how-to” or details!}

Vintage Front Porch

{Spring Front Porch}

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Easter Table Ideas for Kids

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Easter Table Ideas for Kids

I remember hunting eggs when I was a kid.

We hunted the good old fashioned hard boiled eggs.

No plastic candy filled eggs for us.

We’d hide them and hunt them until they were rotten.

And there were always a few that we could never find…

…until several days later…

…when we would be retrieving a ball from the monkey grass and the smell would knock us over.

Or my Dad would hit it with the lawn mower…that never went over well.

Ahhh…the memories! 🙂

Easter Table Ideas for Kids

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