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Ribbon Halloween Wreath

Posted by on Sep 21, 2013 in crafts, Halloween, wreaths | 5 comments

Ribbon Halloween Wreath

I might have mentioned this before…I have 3 girls.

Daisy, Anna Belle and Lila Mae.

And, when these 3 girls were little girls,

I dressed them all alike.

Much to my husbands dismay…I bought 3 of everything…with matching hairbows. 🙂

Until one day, Daisy {at the ripe old age of 6} looked down at her clothes and asked me why she was wearing baby clothes.  To which I responded, “Those aren’t baby clothes.”  To which she responded, “Yes they are. Lila Mae is a baby and she is wearing the same thing.”

Daisy was a clever girl.

And, my gig was up.

From there on out, matching outfits were only saved for “special occasions”…

…and yes, I was pretty loose with my interpretation of “special occasions.”

I miss the days of ribbons and hairbows.

I still LOVE ribbon.

So, now that I don’t adorn my girls with ribbon,

I’ll load my front door up with the ribbon cuteness!

Here is how to make a Ribbon Halloween Wreath:

How to Make a Halloween Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Happy Halloween Front Porch

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in front door, front porch, Halloween | 18 comments

Happy Halloween Front Porch

If you are tall and you come to my house you might hit your head…

…I’m sorry.

I just got carried away.

I totally intended to have SIMPLE and HAPPY Halloween decorations.

My simple ended up looking painfully plain.

And then I was at Target this morning and there was a giant team of people unloading cart after cart of Halloween decorations.

And lined up under all the costumes were plastic pumpkin candy buckets.

The kind like I used to have.

And they were only $1!

So I bought 5…I had a plan for a Happy Halloween front porch!

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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DIY Mason Jar Lid Chalkboard Banner

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in crafts, Halloween | 5 comments

As a child, about the scariest thing that every happened at Halloween was hoping you could breathe all night long with one of those giant plastic masks on your face.

I’ll never forget the year that I was Tweety Bird…

I could barely see where I was going, and I had to “come up for air” after every door!

But, I loved that costume, and the great fun that me and my friends had trick or treating all night!

It seems that in the past few years, so many of the Halloween decorations have turned “scary!”

So, this year, I am trying to bring the “Happy” back to my

Halloween decorations!

How to make a Halloween Banner

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Painted Pumpkins

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in crafts, fall, Halloween, paint | 18 comments

Painted Pumpkins

Occasionally, I do things that cause me to lose “cool points” with my girls…

Like the time I practically had to chase my oldest down, all the while yelling her name,


across the lawn of her middle school.

I had to catch her before she got into the school building.

I had something very important to tell her…

she told me it could have waited. 🙂

But, yesterday I earned a few points back.

I knew I had when she walked into the kitchen and said,

“You might be the coolest mom in the world.  I’m going to have to Instagram you painting that chevron pumpkin. You’re so cute.”

Let me tell you,

14 year olds don’t pass out compliments like that every day. 🙂

Halloween Decorations

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