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Fall Front Porch Ideas

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Fall Front Porch Ideas

I’m tired…you probably can’t relate. 🙂

I’m probably the only one running ninety to nothing.

The only one with kids to get to soccer and cross country.

The only one who has children who need to dress up like Disney characters tomorrow and didn’t tell me until we were getting home… at 8:00…with the costumes needed in the morning…really?

I’m probably the only one who had exactly 20 minutes to cook dinner…pack it in a cooler…and rush out the door to the game.

The only one who could use a bit of a break.

The only one who needs to take a few minutes to count her blessings.

A few minutes to be reminded how good life is…what a blessing those children are…what a blessing that there is food that can be ready so quickly and easily…a few minutes to take a few deep breaths.

And when I know that I need those few minutes…my porch is the perfect place to go!

Fall Front Porch @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Fall is right around the corner.

I know it is because my calendar told me so.

Too bad that someone forgot to tell the weather.

Cross Country was cancelled for my oldest today because the heat index is at 109!


That isn’t even close to fall…

But I will just keep pretending and setting out pumpkins and decorating wreaths and displaying gourds in cute little DIY cloches and totally ignoring the fact that you melt as soon as you walk outside the door.

I’m good at pretending…as long as I have an air conditioner!

So for those of you who are ready to get ready for the fall that is sure to come.

Here is how to make a fall wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

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Decorating a Front Entrance

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Decorating a Front Entrance

I should be awarded Mother of the Year.

I just fed my children dessert for dinner.

It did involve apples and ice cream {there is calcium in ice cream}…so maybe that makes it better? 🙂

These are the kind of things that happen when I’m exhausted.

The girls just finished their first week of school…we had a soccer tournament Friday night and Saturday morning…we had 32 teens for a cookout Saturday night…

…and I’m back to my 5:30 wake-up.

The BEST of times, but exhausting!

I did have some time to work on decorating my front entrance this week.

Just a new look to hold me over until it’s time for the mums and pumpkins…

Decorating a Front Entry

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Front Porch Dressed for Memorial Day

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Front Porch Dressed for Memorial Day

My mama always told me that the older my children got...

the faster life would go.

I didn’t believe her when the girls were 4, 2 and 3 months.

Life didn’t seem fast at all.

I lived my life in little segments…nap time to nap time. 🙂

Patriotic Front Porch @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Wreath for Spring

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How to Make a Wreath for Spring

For those who’ve said a prayer for my MomTHANK YOU!

She’s healing up quite nicely…PRAISE THE LORD!

My family just spent the past several days at my folks house.

We cooked and cleaned and…

…made a wreath.

It was only natural.

I learned my wreath making skills from my Mom…

…who ALWAYS has a wreath on her front door.

But this time as we topped the hill on their driveway…an EMPTY door awaited.

It just didn’t seem right.

So I had to make her a spring wreath!

How to Decorate a Grapevine Wreath for Spring

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Spring Wreath

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Spring Wreath

Tell me that your weekend has been full of sunshine…

…and birds chirping…

…and kiddos running and playing!

Tell me that you’ve been able to fling your windows wide open!

Tell me that you’ve enjoyed the Spring like my family has this weekend!


And while the girls jumped and laughed

…I cleaned out my garden shed…

…and made a wreath.

How to Make a Spring Wreath

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