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As you read this post, I am on an airplane headed to Mexico!

There is a children’s home located in Ensenada, Mexico that we love dearly.  We get the opportunity to go ever so often, and this weekend is one of those lucky occasions!

I will share some pictures of our trip when we get back.

And, of course, I am taking a couple of crafts to do with the girls.  Crafting is a universal language!

The home tour continues on my blog.

This is always the first sight you will see when you arrive at my house.

One sweet, lazy dog on our front porch!  I am glad that you can’t smell her through your computer. . . she is in desperate need of a bath!  It has just been to cold and wet to bathe her!

welcome 201303

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My New Blog!

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My New Blog!

Daisy Mae Belle has had a makeover!

A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to Jason Burgess for the new look!

And, another SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to my brother-in-law, Paul for helping me get my logo off of my sketch pad and onto the computer!
I have virtually no computer skills, so I never could have done anything like this!!!

I hope that you enjoy the new site!

I was wanting a cleaner look that was easier to navigate.  I think I have gotten just that!

Now, on to a couple of quick pictures.

New Blog post2

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More Christmas Foyer

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Precious baby Jack arrived this morning at 8:01.  Everyone is doing great!  I LOVED being the photographer!  It gave me the special privilege of being able to go in the nursery while he had his first bath.  He slept through the whole thing!  I probably took over 200 pictures.  Gotta love digital cameras!

I will share a little more of our Christmas decorations today.  I have shared the front porch, foyer, dining room and hutch.  Today I will share a little more of the foyer.

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Christmas Decorations For My Foyer

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I am finally getting around to decorating my house for Christmas.  It looks like Hobby Lobby exploded in my bedroom.  Unfortunately, the attic is right off of our bedroom, so all of the boxes get stacked there until I am done with the decorating and ready to put them away.  I have garlands, ornaments, ribbons, sprigs of berries and pinecones strewn from one end of this house to the other!

I did clear a little space so that I could take some pictures of my foyer.  Notice how close I had to zoom in!  The rest of this house is not picture worthy right now.  My goal is to be finished by Monday.  It will take some doing, but I am determined to get it done!  (That sounded like it was a terrible chore to be accomplished, when actually it is one of my favorite things to do!)

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Fall Foyer

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I had great plans today of getting my front porch ready for fall.

I was going to buy pumpkins and mums.

I was going to give my front porch a good cleaning.

I had no idea it was supposed to rain ALL DAY!

I never watch the weather.

Oh well.

Maybe tomorrow?

So, today I will share some more fall decorations from my foyer.

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Fall Tablescape

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I am so ready for fall!

It was 92 degrees here today with terrible humidity.
It is supposed to rain most of the weekend.

Should make things even steamier?!

I have been a busy bee here at my house today getting ready for fall.

I brought all of the boxes full of fall decorations in from the garage.

If I thought my house was cluttered before. . .

At least this clutter has purpose and will be short lived.

I can’t say that about the rest of the house!

I hope to have all of the inside decorating done by this weekend.

I usually try to have at least one “fall gathering” each year (besides Thanksgiving, of course!)

I have had my husband’s office staff before.

Last year, I had the elders of our church and their wives.

I am not sure who my folks will be this year.

Something will come to me.

It is a great motivator to clean the entire house.

I need motivation to clean.

I can decorate all day long, but the cleaning is not near as fun.

Luckily, Halloween is on its way, and I am into “natural” decorations – so the cobwebs will be perfect by then!

(The real spiders who built those webs might be a bit much?)

I started at the front of my house – right inside the front door.

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