Simple Spring Arrangement

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Simple Spring Arrangement

Sometimes I worry.

I worry about things that have never happened and other things that will probably never happen.

So the other night as I lay awake busying my mind with my latest random worry thought…

…and I was praying that the Lord would take the worry from me…

…this simple, refreshing thought came to mind.

“Instead of mulling over all of this worry ~ Start counting your blessings.”

Because in all of the worry…

…I was missing the blessings.

The blessings that have filled my life to overflowing.

The blessings that have happened.

And I vowed that on that day I would replace every thought of worry with a thought of thankfulness.

And you know what happened?

My heart was nearly busting at the seams as I lived that day. 🙂

And I sang as I put this simple spring arrangement together!

Spring Nest Centerpiece

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New Year’s Resolution – Extraordinary

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I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions years ago.


I’d always start strong

…determining that my diet would be healthier

                                       …my closets would be organized

                                                  …my exercise would be consistent

…and, then somewhere about January the 7th, I’d begin to lose momentum.

And by the 14th I’d be done with the resolution and feel like a complete failure and vow to do better next year.


Then I tried a new approach.

Try one food challenge for the year…

…just to see if I actually had any will power at all. 🙂

Decorating with Dried Hydrangea

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Christmas in the Foyer

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Christmas in the Foyer

The temperatures are dropping.

The rain is falling.

There is talk of freezing rain being on its way.

Nothing would make my heart happier than to have school canceled for tomorrow. 🙂

We could sit by the fire and drink hot coco and watch Elf (our favorite Christmas movie)

Decorating with Old Skates @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Decorating the Foyer

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Decorating the Foyer

Do you know what happens if you leave a banana peel out

while you are gone for 10 days?

You come home to record numbers of fruit flies.

We have learned this lesson the hard way.

We ALWAYS take the trash out before we go out of town.

Too bad this banana peel was left in one of my daughter’s rooms. . .

not in a trash can. . .

where it would have been disposed of properly.

(Names are not being used,

to protect the innocent,

well, actually the guilty!)

My method of “clapping” them all to death with my bare hands,

is not working.

It is only making my dog nervous,

and my palms sore.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Thrift Store Finds for My Foyer

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My house never gets a break.

I am constantly changing things around.

I just can’t help it.

{Seems to be a common problem among bloggers ~ That’s why I like you guys so much!}

I find great “new” things at my thrift stores. . .

and, the rearranging begins!

Spring Tablescape @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Easter in My Foyer

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Easter decorating began last week at my house.

I had planned a day of errands and decorating for others.

As I dropped my oldest off at school, my dashboard started “dinging.”

I watched my oil pressure gauge drop to zero.

A quick call to my mechanic let me know that I could drive no farther.

(Did you know that if your oil pump goes out that you can burn your engine up if you drive any distance?

I did not.  So, I thought I would make sure that you knew!)

I left the keys in my car for the tow truck. . .

Flagged a friend down to take me home. . .

(My husband was out of town.)

I was trapped in my house for an entire day.

So, the decorating (and cleaning) began.

Easter Decorations @ DaisyMaeBelle

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