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How to Arrange Cut Flowers

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How to Arrange Cut Flowers

I tend to be a bit spontaneous.

{At least that’s what I like to call it.}

Not in the bungee jumping, skydiving, race car driving ways.

It probably tends more towards the “fails to plan ahead and then just wings it.”

And it presents itself by me waking up one morning and deciding to paint my kitchen that very day…even if we are leaving to go out of town the next day.

Also my “spontaneity” doesn’t really have time for things like planting seeds.

I need immediate results…not weeks later results.

But I am thankful that those zinnia packets caught my eye a few weeks back…and I’m even more thankful that I took the 2 minutes to throw the seeds into my flowers beds…and forget about them.  🙂

Because I now have beds full of flowers that can be cut and arranged!

So here is how to arrange cut flowers.

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

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Simple Spring Arrangement

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Simple Spring Arrangement

Sometimes I worry.

I worry about things that have never happened and other things that will probably never happen.

So the other night as I lay awake busying my mind with my latest random worry thought…

…and I was praying that the Lord would take the worry from me…

…this simple, refreshing thought came to mind.

“Instead of mulling over all of this worry ~ Start counting your blessings.”

Because in all of the worry…

…I was missing the blessings.

The blessings that have filled my life to overflowing.

The blessings that have happened.

And I vowed that on that day I would replace every thought of worry with a thought of thankfulness.

And you know what happened?

My heart was nearly busting at the seams as I lived that day. 🙂

And I sang as I put this simple spring arrangement together!

Spring Nest Centerpiece

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