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How to Create a Gallery Wall

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

I’m not up with the times culturally speaking.

Like the other night, while we were watching the Olympics (which is the first network TV  I’ve watched in a LONG time) a commercial came on for a show called The Voice.

Seems that all of the people who host The Voice are at the top of the fame ladder…

…and I didn’t recognize any of them except for Usher

…and that’s only because he sang part of a song with Justin Bieber…and my 9 year old went through a time where she loved his songs…and we listened to that very song over and over and over.

So yesterday morning, I decided I was going to change all of that.

I was going to catch up…be able to talk about the latest movies…recognize famous people…know what the latest TV shows are.

I was all prepared to fold some laundry and watch some morning talk shows…

…until I figured out that I didn’t know how to turn our TV on.

Because we don’t have one remote; we have 3.  And you have to make sure that the TV is on and the box is on and each remote controls a different part.

And on my way to call my husband to get him to explain it to me…I got distracted with making a new Spring arrangement.

And tweaking my latest gallery wall.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

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Family Room Decorations

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Family Room Decorations

I’m so thankful that I was productive last week.

Because unless you count being productive as…keeping a fire goingand making plenty of hot chocolateand slice and bake chocolate chip cookiesand playing Sorryand watching countless episodes of “19 Kids and Counting”…all while wearing pajamas…

…I’ve been less than productive.

But that’s ok, because I’ve soaked up these days of nothing with my girls…

…and the “productive” thing can wait.

School will eventually start back again! :)

So here is how my family room decorations are shaping up.

Gallery Wall @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Annie Sloan Old Ochre and French Linen Mirror

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 I’ve had this mirror now for years.

And for months, I’ve been thinking that it’s a little more “gold” than I’d like.

And for some reason,

after all of those days that I’ve been thinking I should paint it.

Today became the day.

Projects like these are usually saved for when I have company coming,

and I feel the need to change a few things.

Even if they’ve never been to my house before?

They will NEVER know that I’ve changed anything,

but I still feel the need.

I’m certain that this trait is in my DNA somewhere because my mother is the same way.

Decorating projects always happened right before company came.

Gallery Wall @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Standing Wreath in a Container

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Our summer of freedom is almost officially over. :(

Middle School Orientation Monday night…

Elementary School Orientation Tuesday night…

Giant Back-to-School youth group event Wednesday night…

Hosting 60 middle school girls and their families for dinner Thursday night…

So, of course, I am making a new wreath.

That’s what anyone else would do, right?!

Because, I saw this super cute “wreath in a clay pot” at a really nice,

expensive store last week.

And, I knew that I wanted one.

And, I had this great idea that I just knew would work.

So, I could not get anything else done until I saw if this idea would

actually work.

And, it did. :)

DIY Potted Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

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More of the Family Room

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More of the Family Room

My Mom and Dad are wonderful, smart people.

But, they have not kept up with the world of technology.

Case in point;

This is the conversation I had with my Mom last week:

Mom:  Guess what?! You Dad is going to get us a cell phone!

Me: Make sure he gets you an I-phone.  They are so much easier to use!

Mom: Oh, I  think they are too expensive. Besides, I don’t know if we need anything as fancy as that.

Me: It isn’t that it’s fancy.  It’s just much easier to use.  And, we could share pictures.

Mom:  Well, I’ll see what I can do. It would be fun to send a picture.

Our conversation a little later that afternoon. . . 

Mom: Hey! I am calling on my new cell phone!

Me: Great!  Did you get the I-phone?

Mom: (Trying to cover the mouthpiece, she asks my dad, “Bobby, is this the I-phone?)  Yes! We got an I-phone.


She might be the only person on the planet who has an I-phone,

and doesn’t even know that she has one :)

Although they did not teach me much about technology.

They taught me everything I know about home.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

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My Family Room

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My Family Room

As I look at the pictures of this room

I can’t help but to take a walk down memory lane. . .

We have called this house “home” now for over 12 years.

And, my how this room has evolved.

When we first moved in,

Daisy was 15 months old,

and I was pregnant with our second.

{I swore then that my next move would be to the nursing home.}

And, we added a third 2 years later.

This room has housed toy shelves,

dress up corners,

puppet stands,


art easels.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

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