How to Make Wood Placemats

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How to Make Wood Placemats

It is so true.

As we grow older…we turn into our mothers.

Which for me is a very fortunate thing. I have an amazing mother.

And as much as I hope to grow to be as kind and compassionate as she is…and as much as I hope to be as generous and thoughtful as she is…

…it seems like I’m inheriting some other of her traits.

Like her goofy dance moves {only seen by my immediate family} and her ability to make mashed potatoes that send you back for 2nds and 3rds {my family thanks her for this}

and her obsession with the tiny felt pads that go on the bottom of decorative accessories to keep them from scratching your furniture.

My mom should buy stock in the company that makes those little wonders.

They are on every vase and picture frame and decorative bowl and basket in her ENTIRE house.

Love her.

So as I was making these wood placemats, I couldn’t help but wonder if they might scratch my table?

But seeing as I am turning into my mom, I had a stack of those little felt pads ready to go in my junk drawer!

Mom would be proud. 🙂

So here is how to make wood placemats.

DIY Wood Placemats

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Yesterday was almost a bad day.

I spent 3 hours trying to get some technical issues resolved with the blog.

{So sorry if you were one of the ones who got 2 emails about my last post. I think it’s fixed now!}

My husband had to cancel our standard Tuesday lunch date.

I went to fix myself a glass of sweet tea only to realize that it had expired.

And our air conditioner upstairs stopped working.

I was on the verge of a tailspin to a bad day…

…but I remembered what I had just written in my last post.

I was going to spend the day counting my blessings.

And you know what? I did. And it worked!

And I even got to make this fall wreath.

How to Make a Fall Wreath

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5 Fall Decorating Ideas

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5 Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall…Could you please hurry up and get here?

I can’t go outside without melting.  And it doesn’t get any better in my car.

My air conditioner isn’t working in my front seat, which is why I am the crazy woman driving around town with my windows down when it is 95 degrees outside. And that’s not even counting the heat index or the humidity…sweet mercy.

I find that if I blast the air in the backseat and roll the windows down in the front, it creates a sort of air tunnel effect that brings the cool air from the back to the front.  It isn’t totally effective, but it’s all I’ve got for now.

I’ve got to find a time to take it in and have it fixed!

But with school delivery and pick up and Cross Country practice and soccer practice

…I can’t seem to spare my car for longer than about 4 hours.

I’m thinking that it would take longer than 4 hours to get it fixed. 🙂

So until then I will just think of Fall…and the coolness that is sure to come!

Here are 5 of my favorite fall decorating ideas from last year:

How to Make a Wheat Wreath

How To Make a Wheat Wreath

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How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

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How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

My Daisy turns 15 today. 🙂

This means that she’ll be driving my car soon.

Driving. My. Car.

With people in it. Including me and her father and her 2 younger sisters.

Driving us to school. Driving us to the grocery store. Driving us to church.

Lila Mae asked, “Do we get a special car while Daisy learns? One with an extra steering wheel on your side, Mom?”

This isn’t a bad idea. I think I’d like an extra steering wheel and brake.

Could someone invent that real quick…like before she passes this driver’s test?

Or do you think they’d let me rent one of those driver’s ed cars?

In the mean time, I’ll just distract myself by making these adorable pumpkins.

How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Pumpkin

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Fall is right around the corner.

I know it is because my calendar told me so.

Too bad that someone forgot to tell the weather.

Cross Country was cancelled for my oldest today because the heat index is at 109!


That isn’t even close to fall…

But I will just keep pretending and setting out pumpkins and decorating wreaths and displaying gourds in cute little DIY cloches and totally ignoring the fact that you melt as soon as you walk outside the door.

I’m good at pretending…as long as I have an air conditioner!

So for those of you who are ready to get ready for the fall that is sure to come.

Here is how to make a fall wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

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The Importance of an “Extra” Chair

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The Importance of an “Extra” Chair

If you came to my house… {which I’d love for you to do!}

…you’d see that I like lamps… and chairs.

I have lamps and chairs in every corner.

I was recently asked by the Design Center over at One Kings Lane which was my favorite chair.

After I thought for a minute…

…I knew just which one it was.

Fall Dining Room

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