fall home tour

Fall Home Tour

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Fall Home Tour

Do you remember a time that you won something so cool?

I remember…I was 6 years old and at an Easter Egg Hunt.

The child who found the golden egg won a plastic chicken filled with candy.

I still remember seeing that plastic chicken and thinking about how beautiful it would look sitting on my white dresser in my pink gingham bedroom.

I knew someone would have to win so, I looked and looked and looked…

…and, I found that egg!

And just like someone had to win that plastic chicken…

…someone is going to have to win this amazing piece of furniture from Somerset Bay!

And I have a feeling it will look a little better in your house than the plastic chicken looked in my room. 🙂

Can you picture it already?

Make sure you enter at the end of this post!

Now on to the fall home tour…

Decorating for Fall

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Simple Natural Fall Decorations

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I have a tendency to collect things.

I’ve had this tendency for years.

My dad has told me before that I should just open up my house and put a price tag on everything to clear it out a bit.  I didn’t get the collecting gene from him. 🙂

So the other day when he was helping hang new shelves in my pantry,

I told him, “Dad, I have a new motto in decorating:  Less is more.

To which he responded, “Since when?!”

To which I responded, “Starting now.”

And, I really do.

My tastes are changing and I really love a simple look.Decorating with pumpkins

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Another Simple Fall Decorating Tip

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So what about all of that inspiration yesterday?!

I LOVE seeing what everyone has done to get their homes ready for fall!

But, before you go off touring…

…here is another super simple way to add a little fall to your own home!

decorating for the fall

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Let the Fall Home Tours Begin!

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Let the Fall Home Tours Begin!


The week has arrived for the fall home tour!

Before you go check out these amazing homes…

…I’m going to share one quick fall decorating tip with you.

fall decorations

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