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No Sew Tablecloth Tree Skirt

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No Sew Tablecloth Tree Skirt

In case you didn’t realize…

…there are 14 days until Christmas!


This is about the time each year, that I begin rethinking my…“Oh, I’d Love to Make That” listand begin coming up with a “Plan B” list…and an “I Can Just Drop That” list.

When I start making the “Oh, I’d Love to Make That” list in about October, I just know that this is the year that I’m going to have record amounts of time!

{Have I ever mentioned that time management is not one of my strengths. :)}

So, even though I totally planned on making the cutest ruffled burlap tree skirt you’d ever seen…

…I ran out of time.

Sometimes “Plan B” is even better!

So here is how I made my no sew tablecloth tree skirt…

No Sew Tree Skirt

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

So much for the trick-or-treating tonight…

…High winds, rain and now a tornado warning until 1:00 pm.


But, on a brighter note…

…we finished Daisy’s room last night!

{For the 3rd time. :)}

She tends to be a bit like me in that she likes to decorate…

…and redecorate…

…and redecorate.

This time the theme was: Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Decorating for a teen girl

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Chalkboard Wall

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Chalkboard Wall

My oldest daughter loves to decorate.

She is constantly changing something in her room.

As soon as she gets everything looking just the way she thought she wanted it…

…she starts to change it all up.

{I have NO IDEA where she gets this from?! :)}

The latest addition is the chalkboard wall.

Painting a wall with chalkboard paint

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Spray Painted Lampshade

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Spray Painted Lampshade

I love having a 13 year old daughter.

I love the conversations that happen.

Like the other day, when we were driving down the road, she casually said, “So, Mom, when you were in college did you have a good sense of style?  Would you have considered yourself fashionable?”

To which I replied, “Of course!  I stayed up on all of the latest styles.  What makes you ask?”

“Well,” she said, “I have seen those pictures of you in those blue jean skirts with white tennis shoes and it just makes me wonder if other people actually wore that?”

Gotta love a teen girl. 🙂

Daisy has a wonderful sense of style.

{Which I like to think she gets from me.}

Which leaves her room a constant work in progress.

And, even though she doubts my fashion advice.

She does trust my decorating advice.

So, last week while she was at school, I pulled out the spray paint and updated a lampshade for a bunny lamp that we have had now for years.

Lampshade Makeover

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No Sew Tablecloth Curtains

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No Sew Tablecloth Curtains

I LOVE a good “A-HA” moment.

Like when Chevy Chase realized why his Christmas lights wouldn’t come on in Christmas Vacation.

Or, when Andy Griffith figured out how to save Barney’s job by adding weight to him with heavy chains.

Or, when I discovered that you could turn tablecloths into curtains without sewing at all

Making curtains out of tablecloths

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How to Make an Inspiration Board

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How to Make an Inspiration Board

My oldest daughter, Daisy stays creatively inspired.

To the point that her room is in a constant state of redecoration.

For the record, I really liked it a few weeks ago

when it looked like THIS.

So did Pottery Barn Teen…

…and, she won the Student Stylist contest 🙂

And, with the win came a sweet gift card…

…and, then we visited the cutest farmhouse we had ever seen…

…and, then she was totally inspired…

So, everything came off of the walls

and the redecorating began.

With all of this inspiration,

she wanted some “inspiration boards.”

And, we did already have some old cork boards that could easily be converted.

So, I decided to make them for her.

Lets just hope that the inspiration she pins to these boards doesn’t inspire another room redo!

Because, I REALLY, REALLY like this one 🙂

How to make an inspiration board

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