How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

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How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

My Daisy turns 15 today. 🙂

This means that she’ll be driving my car soon.

Driving. My. Car.

With people in it. Including me and her father and her 2 younger sisters.

Driving us to school. Driving us to the grocery store. Driving us to church.

Lila Mae asked, “Do we get a special car while Daisy learns? One with an extra steering wheel on your side, Mom?”

This isn’t a bad idea. I think I’d like an extra steering wheel and brake.

Could someone invent that real quick…like before she passes this driver’s test?

Or do you think they’d let me rent one of those driver’s ed cars?

In the mean time, I’ll just distract myself by making these adorable pumpkins.

How to Make Pumpkins from Toilet Paper Rolls

How to Make a Pumpkin

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Fall is right around the corner.

I know it is because my calendar told me so.

Too bad that someone forgot to tell the weather.

Cross Country was cancelled for my oldest today because the heat index is at 109!


That isn’t even close to fall…

But I will just keep pretending and setting out pumpkins and decorating wreaths and displaying gourds in cute little DIY cloches and totally ignoring the fact that you melt as soon as you walk outside the door.

I’m good at pretending…as long as I have an air conditioner!

So for those of you who are ready to get ready for the fall that is sure to come.

Here is how to make a fall wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

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How to Make a Cloche

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How to Make a Cloche

When we got married 19 years ago, “theme” showers were all the rage.

We had a book shower, ornament shower (December wedding), basket shower, kitchen shower

and while I had my lingerie shower…my husband had his tool shower.

Now my David is probably the greatest husband and father on the planet,

and if you need encouragement or laughter or a speaker for teens or a dishwasher…he’s your guy.

If you need a hammer or socket wrench…you’ll need to come to me.

I’m still using “his” tools from that shower.

And I was so grateful for that wrench set when I was making this project.

Here is how to make a cloche from a cheap thrift store clock.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

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Fabric Covered Corn Hole

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Fabric Covered Corn Hole

This has been the summer of backyard parties at our house!

We’ve hosted S’mores Parties and Backyard Movie Nights.

And at each event we have hauled out our miserably mistreated corn hole boards.

But let me warn you.

If you are a hard core corn hole playercover your eyes.

I’m sure what I’ve done to this corn hole board is against all of the rules.

My husband showed actual concern that I might have “messed the boards up.”

And if you are a competitive corn hole player…then I probably did mess them up.

But if you love to host a cute backyard party…then these boards are perfect!

Here is how to make fabric covered corn hole boards:

fabric covered corn hole

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How to Make a Pencil Vase

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How to Make a Pencil Vase

My girls start back to school tomorrow!?

I’m sure that I’m not the only mom in America saying this:

“Where did the summer go?!”

I’m not ready for my girls to be gone all day every day. 🙁

I offer to homeschool them every year…but never have any takers. They love their schools and their friends!

So with the start of school, my Southern friends decided to get together to share some of our ideas for

Back To School!

One tradition we have at our house is to start each school year with a simple gift for their teacher.

I usually don’t have much time between the school supply shopping, last minute back to school parties and trips to the pool!

So here is a simple gift that can be put together is less than 5 minutes!

How to Make a Pencil Vase

And don’t forget to check out the other ideas at the end of this post!

How to Make a Pencil Vase

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5 Simple Burlap Projects

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5 Simple Burlap Projects

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel for my family. 🙂

Have I ever mentioned that my husband is a youth pastor?

This opens us up to so many amazing opportunities in the summer!

June was full of local camps…and July has been full of travel.

We spent a week serving an orphanage in Mexico called The City of Children.

From there we drove up the coast of California all the way to San Francisco.

{Daisy won a trip through Pottery Barn Teen for her bedroomthat is a blog post in itself…AMAZING!}

We flew home, unpacked, washed clothes and packed again for New York.

As I type this post, we are at camp Shiloh that serves children from the Bronx.

Fun times!

So today I am sharing some of my favorite burlap projects…

Burlap Projects

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