Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

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Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

We have a “No Shake” policy at our house for Christmas presents. 🙂

I think it stems back to my childhood.

My dad is THE BEST gift guesser on the planet.

Two shakes, and he knows exactly what you’ve gotten him…down to the color.

As a child, I found this maddening!

So one year I decided to outsmart him…and I wrapped a brick…along with the actual pair of socks that I had bought for him.

I proudly took the freshly wrapped gift to him and dared him to guess what it might be.

Two shakes later.

“Well, it’s a pair of socks, but it feels like you’ve wrapped a brick in here with them.”

{I still think he was in cahoots with my mom.}

That’s the year that I gave up…and refused to place his gift under the tree any more!

But if you are looking for some creative gift wrap ideas…here are a few ideas!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

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No Sew Tablecloth Tree Skirt

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No Sew Tablecloth Tree Skirt

In case you didn’t realize…

…there are 14 days until Christmas!


This is about the time each year, that I begin rethinking my…“Oh, I’d Love to Make That” listand begin coming up with a “Plan B” list…and an “I Can Just Drop That” list.

When I start making the “Oh, I’d Love to Make That” list in about October, I just know that this is the year that I’m going to have record amounts of time!

{Have I ever mentioned that time management is not one of my strengths. :)}

So, even though I totally planned on making the cutest ruffled burlap tree skirt you’d ever seen…

…I ran out of time.

Sometimes “Plan B” is even better!

So here is how I made my no sew tablecloth tree skirt…

No Sew Tree Skirt

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Christmas Home Tour

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Christmas Home Tour

All is right in my world today…

…school was cancelled due to ice…

{the 8 phase plan worked :)}

…my girls are listening to Christmas music and painting their traditional “First Snow Day” picture

…we’re all still in our pj’s…

…we’re making our list for Hobby Lobby…

…and enjoying our house all decked for Christmas!

Hope you enjoy my Christmas Home Tour!

Christmas Home Tour

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How to Make a Christmas Arrangement

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How to Make a Christmas Arrangement

There has been a flurry of activity in my house since we got home this evening.

And just now…

…my girls ran through the kitchen in their pj’s and boots…breathlessly singing “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”…with Daisy shouting out orders…

“…grab the largest pan…fill it with ice cubes…but save a few for me because I want some water later…faster girls…faster.”

I had to ask, “What in the world are y’all doing?”

Seems this was phase 6 of an 8 phase plan to get our wet roads to freeze tonight.

My Anna Belle stopped long enough to share all 8 phases:

1. Flush ice down the toilet.

2. Put pajamas on inside out.

3. Write, “Make it Snow” on the whiteboard.

4. Pray.

5. Sing, “Let It Snow”  {unfortunately, they don’t know ANY of the words, except, “Let it snow.”}

6. Place ice cubes in the street.

7. Put a spoon under your pillow.

8. Read The Gingerbread Baby

As the phases continue to unfold, I’ll share how to make a Christmas door arrangement!

And, if my girl’s plan works, you’ll be at home tomorrow, so you’re sure to have the time! 🙂

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

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Christmas in the Foyer

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Christmas in the Foyer

The temperatures are dropping.

The rain is falling.

There is talk of freezing rain being on its way.

Nothing would make my heart happier than to have school canceled for tomorrow. 🙂

We could sit by the fire and drink hot coco and watch Elf (our favorite Christmas movie)

Decorating with Old Skates @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Christmas Dining Room

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Christmas Dining Room

Our elf, Jovie is back.

She came back the day after Thanksgiving.

She has been a busy little bee…

…building forts out of pillows on the couch…writing “Good Morning” with the mini marshmallows…moving our reindeer off of the porch and riding it in the foyer…making candy cane reindeer.

Our youngest wakes up every morning with wide-eyed expectancy; the first words out of her mouth the same each morning, “Mom, I wonder what Jovie did last night?  How does she think all of this stuff up? She is such a fun elf!”

It seems that “elf” talk is big at the 3rd grade lunch table.  These kiddos are sharing what their elves are up to daily.  Seems that some children have boring elves.

Luckily, our Jovie is full of mischief…

…but she might be running out of ideas!

Christmas Decorations @ DaisyMaeBelle

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