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Paint and Decoupage Furniture

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in chalk paint, painted furniture, spray paint | 22 comments

Paint and Decoupage Furniture

I must admit that my family is typically behind the times with technology.

We just got rid of our VCR last year….we don’t even own a DVR…and we just got cable.

There is no Blu-Ray at this house…or surround sound.

We still have a home phone complete with an answering machine with the cutest message you’ve ever heard from our girls.

{They were 4 and 2 when they recorded the message…they are now 15 and 12 and we’ve added another that is now 10.}

But that message is so adorable that we can’t bear to not hear it anymore when the phone rings.

Because we hear it every time the phone rings…because we never answer that phone.

The only phone calls that phone receives are telemarketers and political ads.

We keep that home line for emergencies…and to hear that precious message. 🙂

But even though we are behind the times in most areas of technology…we have enough I-devices that we keep our counter tops full of chargers!

So this old telephone table is the perfect place to charge a few of them and keep them hidden in the process!

A bit of paint and decoupage was all it needed…

Painted Telephone Table

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Annie Sloan Coco Paint

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Annie Sloan Coco Paint

I’m in the process of decorating our master bedroom.

I’m almost done.

So close to being done…that I’ve almost stopped working on it…

…before it’s finished.

You know what I’m talking about.

You work and work and work on a project…and then you just leave the last things on the list undone.

You’re bored with that project and ready to move on to the next.

So today when I was fanning through my paint deck trying to pick out the perfect shade of cream for my kitchen (which is the next project)

I stopped myself…and marched myself up to my room…and finished another project that needed to be done in there.


And I’ll be so glad that I did. 🙂

So today I pulled out the Annie Sloan Coco paint.

Neutral Master Bedroom

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Chalk Painted Dresser

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Chalk Painted Dresser

I inherited some of my grandparent’s furniture about 18 years ago,

twin beds, one chest of drawers and one dresser.

I still remember the furniture in the front bedroom on my Muz and Pap’s house.

And, now it has been in our master bedroom for 18 years.

I have always loved the furniture because it belonged to them,

but was never crazy about the style…

…until recently.

painting with chalk paint

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Duck Egg Rocking Chairs

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in backyard, chalk paint | 13 comments

One day, I’m going to have a screened door on my house…

…preferably on my screened in porch.

Because, I love the sound those doors make when they open…

…and especially when they close.

There’s something so “homey” about that sound.

So, until I have a screen door of my own,

I get the chance to decorate a screened porch for a good friend. 🙂

painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint

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Annie Sloan Old Ochre and French Linen Mirror

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 I’ve had this mirror now for years.

And for months, I’ve been thinking that it’s a little more “gold” than I’d like.

And for some reason,

after all of those days that I’ve been thinking I should paint it.

Today became the day.

Projects like these are usually saved for when I have company coming,

and I feel the need to change a few things.

Even if they’ve never been to my house before?

They will NEVER know that I’ve changed anything,

but I still feel the need.

I’m certain that this trait is in my DNA somewhere because my mother is the same way.

Decorating projects always happened right before company came.

Gallery Wall @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Annie Sloan Emile Chair

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Annie Sloan Emile Chair

I often wonder why different people like different colors?

And, why one person will LOVE a particular food and another person will

not be able to stand it.

Like why some people think sushi is the best food on the planet?

And, another is offered a sample of a California Roll by a super kind,

Asian man down at Publix,

and this particular person decides that she will give it a try,

and as soon as she places it in her mouth,

she realizes it was a VERY bad idea,

and tries to smile…

but instead, breaks out in a sweat…

looks at her 3 girls who are awaiting the ok that they too should try some…

only to have to follow their mother {running} to the closest trash can…

to break EVERY rule of etiquette and kindness

and to spit the California Roll out in the garbage can.

And, can now never shop at Publix again for fear that I will see that

nice Asian man again.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint @ DaisyMaeBelle

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