How to Make a Burlap Bedskirt

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How to Make a Burlap Bedskirt

Is is possible for your brain to freeze?

You see, I’m typically a very productive sort…I have ideas…and I have things I want to make and do and try

…but lately I’m having a hard time getting motivated.

We haven’t had a flake of snow fall.

But our skies have been gray and our temperatures have been having a hard time reaching double digits.

And it is leaving me feeling sapped.

Luckily I had this idea before the brain freeze hit.

And luckily it took zero creative juices to complete.

Here is how to make a burlap bedskirt! 🙂

How to Make a Burlap Bed Skirt

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Burlap Pumpkins

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Burlap Pumpkins

Remember when I showed you how to make the burlap apples?

Well, now it’s time for the burlap pumpkins….

…made out of burlap bags!

No sewing involved 🙂

burlap pumpkin

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Fall Burlap Wreath with Step by Step Directions for Making a Bow

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Fall Burlap Wreath with Step by Step Directions for Making a Bow

I am not sure when it happened…but I now have 2 girls in middle school.

The days of recess and PE are over for these two.

So we are trying to take a walk every night after dinner.

And tonight as we walked…we didn’t even break a sweat.

Because the weather was cool and wonderful,

and we could hear the high school band practice,

and I was reminded that it really is almost fall.

So as we walked my wheels were spinning about how I wanted to decorate the porch for fall this year.

It just might include this fall burlap wreath.

Fall Burlap Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Burlap Magnet Board

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How to Make a Burlap Magnet Board

This post is brought to you by Martha Stewart Crafts by Plaid…

I love Martha Stewart.

I think she is a crafting, cooking, entertaining, home decorating genius.

So, let me just tell you how thrilled I am to be sharing a post featuring

Martha Stewart Decoupage!

My box of goodies arrived in the mail,

and my wheels started spinning.

I wanted to share something that was “Martha – Worthy.”

I hope Martha likes this Burlap Magnet Board.

Because, I sure know that I like Martha Stewart’s Decoupage products 🙂

So here is how to make a burlap magnet board!

Burlap Magnet Board @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging

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Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging

I wish you could meet my Anna Belle.

My sweet middle child.

With her red hair, hazel green eyes and natural athletic ability,

she somehow turned up every recessive gene that was available. 🙂

And, somewhere along the way my sweet Anna Belle has grown up.

She is starting middle school in just a couple of days…

So, as we were driving home from orientation

and, as I was asking her how she thought she was going to

like her new school,

somehow the conversation turned to college.

{Seriously, I am struggling with the fact that she is in middle school, 

so I bring up college?!}

And, although we weren’t talking scholarships,

this random thought came out of her sweet mouth.

“Mom,  I really want to get a scholarship to college.  And, I’m gonna be very disappointed if I don’t get one.  But, I’m gonna have to get it for something else besides being smart.  I’m sure I’ll think of something!?”

Wow, middle school should be fun…

So, onto today’s project.

Burlap and Moss Sign @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Burlap Apple

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Remember the good ‘ole days of taking an apple to your teacher?

I’m not sure where the tradition started?

I think it’s a super sweet idea.

But, if I was a teacher,

I would prefer chocolate

…wrapped in a burlap apple.

So here is how to make a burlap apple.

DIY Burlap Apple Treat Bag @ DaisyMaeBelle

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