My Family Room Gallery Wall

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I have been seeing gallery walls all over the place.

I think they are so interesting.

I love the mix of pictures.

I have no shortage of pictures in my house.

I set about collecting a group of them, and started hanging.

I like the results.

Gallery Wall for Family Room06

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A Little Furniture Rearrange

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A Little Furniture Rearrange

I have a tendency to rearrange furniture.

My family has a tendency to not like furniture rearranged.

I have figured out that I can keep everyone happy if I leave the furniture alone and just rearrange all of the “accessories.”

But, after we took down the Christmas decorations, I decided that the bookcases needed to be moved.

They were ok in the dining room, but they would be over-the-top spectacular in the family room.

I got am early start one morning before anyone was up.

As my family began waking up and coming down the stairs, they quickly recognized what was happening.

Mom was moving furniture.

My youngest began to protest and almost cried.

(She did cry when we got a new front door.  “I like the old one,” she protested.  This is a girl who does not like change!  This is a trait that will make her hubby a very happy man one day!)

One by one, every last member of my family protested the move of the bookcases.

“Trust me!  This is going to look so much better,” was my anthem of the morning.

And, after the big traumatic move, they one by one said, “You were right, that does look better!”
Here are the bookcases in their new home.

Bookcase Feb 201303

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Paris Gray and Old White Wardrobe

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 I thought it was supposed to be warmer today than it was.

I had big plans of getting a lot of painting done.

My driveway is my workshop, so I like to have good weather when I work.

I made up some fake forecast in my head that told me that today was going to be sunny with a high in the upper 50’s.

When I realized that it was not warming up, I checked the weather.

Actually, the high today is 39, and that doesn’t happen until late afternoon.

Tomorrow is going to be rainy.

Just wishful thinking on my part I guess?

I did finish painting one piece of furniture!

I just had to hold my hands under warm water to thaw them out when I was done 🙂

Here she is:

gray and white wardrobe feb 20131

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Posted by on Jan 24, 2013 in brass, foyer | 17 comments

As you read this post, I am on an airplane headed to Mexico!

There is a children’s home located in Ensenada, Mexico that we love dearly.  We get the opportunity to go ever so often, and this weekend is one of those lucky occasions!

I will share some pictures of our trip when we get back.

And, of course, I am taking a couple of crafts to do with the girls.  Crafting is a universal language!

The home tour continues on my blog.

This is always the first sight you will see when you arrive at my house.

One sweet, lazy dog on our front porch!  I am glad that you can’t smell her through your computer. . . she is in desperate need of a bath!  It has just been to cold and wet to bathe her!

welcome 201303

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Christmas Family Room

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I LOVE a house all decorated for Christmas.  I turn the lights on the Christmas tree and in the garland on the stairs first thing in the morning.  There is something so peaceful about the lights glowing in the dark house.  I always have my coffee before anyone else in the house gets up.  It is such a great way to start the day!

 I keep the dining room and front of the foyer pretty white, but then I use a richer color scheme for the family room.  The richer colors seem so much more cozy for this room.  This is the room where we spend the most time.  We love to build a fire on cold nights!

Here is a little of our family room.

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More Christmas Foyer

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Precious baby Jack arrived this morning at 8:01.  Everyone is doing great!  I LOVED being the photographer!  It gave me the special privilege of being able to go in the nursery while he had his first bath.  He slept through the whole thing!  I probably took over 200 pictures.  Gotta love digital cameras!

I will share a little more of our Christmas decorations today.  I have shared the front porch, foyer, dining room and hutch.  Today I will share a little more of the foyer.

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