Luckett’s Green Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

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Luckett’s Green Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Do you ever get a bee in your bonnet?

Well I got one in mine…yesterday.

And even though I needed to buy groceries…and do the laundry…and mow the grass...

…that bee was there.

And that bee needed to have the girl’s bathroom redecorated.

I’ve been thinking about changing things up in there.

Three girls share one super tiny bathroom.

Storage is an issue.

And I don’t like the color.

Or the shelving.

Or the light fixture.

Miss Mustard Seed Luckett's Green

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Bathroom Reveal

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Bathroom Reveal

My impromptu bathroom makeover is complete.

And, for those who have been following this little makeover, you will be glad to know that I figured out the photo editing a little better just this morning.

There is no natural light in this little bathroom, therefore the pictures have been a bit (a lot) yellow (or pink?).

Today, you can actually see the true colors.

Or, if you know me, you can see the new color of my walls in my hair.

I got some paint in my hair and I can’t seem to get it out!

The color is Toasted Almond by Porter.

Bathroom Makeover18

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DIY Stamped Hand Towels

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DIY Stamped Hand Towels

As I finished up my downstairs bathroom makeover, I realized that I could not put my same old hand towels back out.

One of the dangers of decorating. . .

One thing leads to another.

I looked around a bit and could not find anything that I liked.

I wanted them to be simple, but to have some personality to them.

I decided to make some of my own.

Super simple.

Super quick.

Stamped Towels

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Antique Thrift Store Mirrors

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in bathroom, thrift store | 14 comments

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a thrift store lover.

I go daily if I can.

Once you find a few treasures like I have found, you too would be hooked.

Take these mirrors for instance.

Antique Thrift Store Mirrors02

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How to Hang a Silver Platter Wall

Posted by on Mar 4, 2013 in bathroom | 26 comments

Have you seen these plate walls all over blog world?

They are so beautiful.

I had resisted the urge to do anything about having my own plate wall,

until. . .

I saw this one over at Eclectically Vintage.

Kelly was the inspiration for my own silver platter wall.

Silver Platter Wall01

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Southern Honey Chalk Painted Chest

Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in bathroom, chalk paint, painted furniture | 10 comments

I have discovered a new chalk paint.

It is available in a store in Nashville called Southern Honey.

(That is the name of the paint and the store.)

The store is so cute.

There are not as many colors as Annie Sloan, but it is much cheaper.

Only $22 a quart.

They have some great colors.

I bought a color called “Otis” knowing that something would come up for me to paint.

And, sure enough, a project surfaced.

Southern Honey Chalk Paint chest01

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