Canning Lid Wreath

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Canning Lid Wreath

What are you up to this afternoon?

I am trying to recover from 10 days of camp.

When 5 people in your family go to camp for 10 days there is a bit of laundry to be done when you get home.

Not to mention, all of the attendees are exhausted 🙂

But, I had to stop and make this quick wreath

and, show you how it was done.

How to Make a Canning Lid Wreath

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How to Make a Simple Flower Arrangement

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 I fell in love with my husband

in Mythology 1o1, my sophomore year of college.

“The Cute Mythology Boy” is still the love of my life.

Here is just one example of why I fell in love with him. . .

He travels from time to time.

On this last trip, he took along a couple of teen guys.

(He is a youth pastor, which probably helps that to make sense.)

It just so happens that there was a Pottery Barn outlet in the city he was traveling to.

He knows that I love Pottery Barn;

He loves me;

So, he took the time to stop and buy me this beautiful vase.

How to Make a Flower Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

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How to Make a Tic-Tac-Toss Game

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I think it was my 8th birthday when I got the game

Tic Tac Toss.

I remember the giant wrapped box.

I knew that the gift inside had to be good

just by the size of that box.

I set up the plastic game grid in the garage.

My bean bags were neon green and hot pink.

I loved that game.

I tried to create something similar for my girls.

DIY Outdoor Game @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Backyard Playhouse

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Sometimes you don’t recognize blessing when you’re in the middle of it.

Sometimes it’s years later before you recognize the gift.

You look at this playhouse and see a cute little building.

I look at this playhouse

and am reminded of

the blessing of creativity I was given so many years ago.

Here is the story of my Backyard Playhouse

Backyard Playhouse

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Ladder Bird Feeder

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You should meet my dog Zuzu.

She would love to meet you.

She loves people.

DIY Ladder Birdfeeder @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Pallet Garden Path

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Pallet Garden Path

I am so thankful for Mythology 101.

I am so thankful that my advisor at the University of Memphis advised me to take that class in the Fall of 1991.

I remember nothing of the gods.

I was a bit bored by all of the stories.

But, I admired the “Cute Mythology Boy”

(as I referred to him to all of my friends)

every Tuesday and Thursday that entire semester.

I never actually talked to him. He was so smart. Early to class. Always prepared with paper and pencil. He even asked questions about the reading assignments.

I was only there to try to get the courage to talk to him. . .

(I rarely even had paper.)

The semester ended, and I never talked to him. . .

Pallet Garden Path

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