How to Make a Fall Sign

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How to Make a Fall Sign

So if you have 10 minutes and a garage full of randomness

…this is the project for you.

And if you don’t have that garage full of randomness…maybe you are lucky like me and you have a friend with that perfect stash who is willing to share!

My garage is certainly full enough. {Don’t judge. There are amazing treasures in there. Honestly.}

So I had this idea that I needed a new Fall sign made with all fun letters…so I headed to my garage.

But I couldn’t find what I needed.

So I headed to the antique stores with friends and I put everyone on the hunt for random letters to spell “Fall.”

I came up dry. {Although I did score a few other treasures.}

So later that day my friend called me up…she had searched her stash…and had come up with a plan!

And it’s even more perfect that what I even had in mind!

How to Make a Fall Sign:

Upcycled Fall Sign

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How to Make a Chalkboard

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How to Make a Chalkboard

Do you ever get in a hurry…and do ridiculous things while trying to hurry?

And in the quest to get things done quickly…you actually spend more time doing what you are trying to get done?

Like instead of making 2 trips to get your groceries to your house from the car, you try to carry it all in one and you end up dropping half of what you were trying to carry?

Or when you are trying to make a chalkboard real quick and you end up grabbing the High Heat black paint {instead of the chalkboard paint} and you paint on all 3 coats and then you try to write on it and you can’t figure out why it’s not erasing?

Ok…so I’m guessing that I’m probably the only one who has ever done that…but it happened to me today. UGH.

But luckily the sun was shining and the paint was drying fast and the chalkboard is finished!

And if I had known how easy it was to make…I would have made one years ago!

How to Make a Chalkboard:

DIY Chalkboard

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How to Frame a Poster

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How to Frame a Poster

This is so ridiculously easy…that I almost didn’t share it.

I mean, I’m almost embarrassed to share it.

But it just turned out so exactly like what I was hoping.

And sometimes I need ridiculously easy.

Because in just 2 weeks, I am hosting a Fall Home Tour with 20 of the most AMAZING bloggers in the world!

And needless to say my house looks like the Hobby Lobby fall aisle exploded in my foyer and dining room and kitchen…

…yeah, it’s that bad.

And I figured if you are anything like me {minus the Hobby Lobby explosion}

you could use some ridiculously easy in your life about now!

So here is how to frame a poster:

How to Frame a Poster

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Giveaway from Wall Quotes

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Giveaway from Wall Quotes

**Belvedere Designs provided the vinyl for me to complete this project and they are supplying the $50 of shop credit!  But all opinions are mine. 🙂  You can read my full disclosure here.**

I’m so excited to be hosting a give-away today!

Wall Quotes is offering one of my readers a $50 shop credit!

They have so many amazing products…or they will work with you to create your own!

Here is what they helped to create with me. 🙂

My middle daughter always has bits and pieces of things that seem to collect in piles all over her desk.

Works of artthe latest photosnewspaper clippingsnotes from friendsetc.

If you have a child…you know what I’m talking about!

So with the help of Belvedere Designs, I came up with a fun way to display some of this randomness!

Make sure you look at the end to see how you could win!

Wall Quotes

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

I’m not up with the times culturally speaking.

Like the other night, while we were watching the Olympics (which is the first network TV  I’ve watched in a LONG time) a commercial came on for a show called The Voice.

Seems that all of the people who host The Voice are at the top of the fame ladder…

…and I didn’t recognize any of them except for Usher

…and that’s only because he sang part of a song with Justin Bieber…and my 9 year old went through a time where she loved his songs…and we listened to that very song over and over and over.

So yesterday morning, I decided I was going to change all of that.

I was going to catch up…be able to talk about the latest movies…recognize famous people…know what the latest TV shows are.

I was all prepared to fold some laundry and watch some morning talk shows…

…until I figured out that I didn’t know how to turn our TV on.

Because we don’t have one remote; we have 3.  And you have to make sure that the TV is on and the box is on and each remote controls a different part.

And on my way to call my husband to get him to explain it to me…I got distracted with making a new Spring arrangement.

And tweaking my latest gallery wall.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

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How to Apply Gold Leaf

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How to Apply Gold Leaf

If you follow me on Instagram

…then you know that I’ve been filling my days with gold leafing.

Like my entire queen size bed.

The bed is finished and I totally plan on showing you pictures because I’m THRILLED with the way that it turned out.

But last week I was inspired by my friend Laura to clean out my linen closet…

…so my entire linen closet is neatly stacked all over my bedroom floor…

…so I can’t take pictures of my bed.

Those will come in just a couple of days!

{Along with a super-fantastic give-away!}

So for today I will show you how to apply gold leaf to a simple object.

{Which I totally recommend that you start with before you tackle an entire bed…

…yes, I speak from experience. 🙂 }

Using Gold Leaf

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