Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging

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I wish you could meet my Anna Belle.

My sweet middle child.

With her red hair, hazel green eyes and natural athletic ability,

she somehow turned up every recessive gene that was available. 🙂

And, somewhere along the way my sweet Anna Belle has grown up.

She is starting middle school in just a couple of days…

So, as we were driving home from orientation

and, as I was asking her how she thought she was going to

like her new school,

somehow the conversation turned to college.

{Seriously, I am struggling with the fact that she is in middle school, 

so I bring up college?!}

And, although we weren’t talking scholarships,

this random thought came out of her sweet mouth.

“Mom,  I really want to get a scholarship to college.  And, I’m gonna be very disappointed if I don’t get one.  But, I’m gonna have to get it for something else besides being smart.  I’m sure I’ll think of something!?”

Wow, middle school should be fun…

So, onto today’s project.

Burlap and Moss Sign @ DaisyMaeBelle

See that “LIFE” banner hanging on my shutter?

That’s what I’m going to show you how to make today. 🙂

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle






Sheet Moss

5″ Burlap Ribbon

Hot Glue

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Using your ruler, draw out your letter.

{The dimensions above work well.}

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Then, cut out your letter.

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Next, hot glue the sheet moss onto the letter.

Let the sheet moss hang over the edges a bit.

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Flip the letter over and trim to within 1/4″

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Add hot glue to the edges

and fold the tiny bit of moss over.

{This will keep the cardboard from showing.}

DIY Burlap and Moss Wall Hanging @ DaisyMaeBelle

Hot glue the letter to the ribbon.

Now repeat until you have the word you want to spell.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I chose the word “LIFE”

because my husband and I remind our children every day that LIFE is a gift,

and that the Lord intends them to “Life it to the full!”

And, for this mama,

conversations like the one I had with Anna Belle

are one of the greatest blessings

this LIFE has to offer!

So today, live it to the full!


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  1. love it and love the word you chose! and i want to meet your middle child- she sounds sensational!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful and wise young lady you have! You are truly blessed.
    She will get that scholarship and she will do great things! Oh yeah, I love the burlap and moss hanging!

  3. So cute!! I love your gallery walls!

  4. Great project, Melissa! This would be great to do any word that works for you or your family. I’m thinking “JOY” for the holidays, too.

  5. Beautiful! I agree that “life” is so precious and to be treasured.7 weeks ago today, we lost my 15 yr old granddaughter in a freak auto accident. She definitely lived life to the full and was an incredible example for all! Your middle daughter sounds very similar.


  6. Love this new project and post about your middle child. Incredible project, think you’ll have several crafters/bloggers making this one. I can see another one hanging on other shutter saying Love. How many pkgs of moss did it take? Want to be sure I get enuf to make it. Have all other supplies but not the moss.
    Aren’t our kids just the best? It’s so amazing what goes on in their heads. Happy daze

  7. I had two girls. Now in their thirties. I think girls are more complicated than boys. They grow up fast. Hold onto the conversations as long as you can.

  8. Wow- I think she is smarter than she thinks she is! That is pretty profound for a middle schooler. Love your moss and burlap project! xo Diana

  9. I love that mossy LIFE sign! I’m already mentally planning a JOY one for the holidays, maybe with some Christmas berries and holly leaves tucked in here and there. Thanks for a wonderful idea!!

  10. Cute idea but I think I would have gone horizontal with the word.

  11. That is so sweet. You are such a good momma Melissa. I remember those talks with my girls, usually while I had them trapped in the car! Now they are all grown up and I am so proud of the young women they’ve become. You are building a great future relationship with them and one day they will say that YOU are their best friend.

    Blessings to you,

    P.S. I do love your mossy LIFE sign too!

  12. I love this idea. Beautiful.

  13. Love moss over here at my house! Your lettering looks great on the burlap and shutter. Super cute idea! New follower <3

  14. Your project is beautiful. And good luck to your little girl in middle school!

  15. Such a cute idea!

  16. Love this DIY! Come link to centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us. http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2013/08/centerpiece-wednesday-89.html


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