Simple Landscaping Ideas

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Summer is here and it’s time to take the fun outdoors!

So my Southern friends are back together to share some Outdoor Living ideas with you!


I decided that I would give you my backyard tour that is full of Simple Landscaping Ideas!

Simple Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas

We moved into our house 14 years ago.

And I’ve been adding to this yard a little bit every year.

Landscaping Ideas for Backyard

One of the most simple landscaping ideas is to add paths.

I’ve added paths lined with stone and filled with pavers and pea gravel.

Small Backyard Landscaping

I’ve hung planters here and there and filled them with succulents.

Succulent Gardens

I’ve also filled wheelbarrows with succulents.

{The fact that they don’t require much water makes them a personal favorite.}

Upcycled Bird Bath

I’ve made bird baths out of old chairs…

Upcycled Planters

…as well as planters.

She Shed Ideas

My dad built this playhouse for the girls when they were little…

…and now it’s my she shed. 🙂

{You can take the tour HERE.}

She Sheds

I’ve built decks…and painted metal chairs.

Garden Path Ideas

I’ve added stone paths and plants.

Pallet Garden Ideas

And tried to create little spaces to relax a bit.

Landscaped Gardens

And one day I hope to have some real chickens…but until then my golden chicken will have to do!

Now make sure to check out some more of this Outdoor Inspiration from:

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Life to the full!


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  1. it is such a labor of love, but that’s what makes it so much more beautiful..right. lovely backyard. I am sure you spend lots of day and nights out there.

  2. Girl, if you want up one morning and I’m living in the playhouse-don’t be surprised! You have one amazing backyard 🙂

  3. Looks like a comfy cozy space to enjoy sweet tea! I love that house your dad built and now your daughters let you use it! Really cute!

  4. i always love this space- so perfect for summer entertaining! it’s magical.

  5. I’m with Debbie…You may find me out back one day in the craft house!! Love it all Melissa!

  6. Your backyard is wonderful! I love that it’s divided into different spaces and you can hang out in different spots. I bet that’s a great spot to entertain.

  7. How cool is that having a craft house in the mist of your lovely garden! Everything looks so inviting!!!

  8. Love, love,love. My backyard needs you!

  9. What a beautiful space filled with lovely areas. I hope my backyard will someday be as nice. 🙂 Thanks for letting us come by and enjoy!

  10. Oh my! Can you come over? How pretty… luv all the little special touches. The chair birdbath and planter, the pea gravel path…
    Hugs, Gee

  11. I love your yard Melissa. What a restful place this must be on a breezy summer evening. Thanks for sharing.

  12. gorgeous backyard retreat!!!! Christine from Little Brags

  13. I just love it all!!!! You all have worked so hard on this space. So relaxing. Big crush on the playhouse and the bench seating area! ~Christy

  14. Melissa this is such a great getaway in your yard. Love t he path leading to the fire pit. That wheelbarrow filled with succulents is just perfect. Great job!!!


  15. You have a very pretty and relaxing looking yard, Melissa! I love all the paths you’ve put in. I always think they are an important part of a garden ~ taking you from one spot to another and sometimes curving away and into a surprise view. Love that you have that playhouse as your crafting space now.

  16. Love your pretty outdoor spaces. I’m sure you spend many happy hours with your family in your pretty yard. Your craft shed is adorable!

  17. So many great spots to ruminate, entertain, relax, you name it. The girls must love spending time out there, pretty romantic for you and hubs to spend time alone also, hope you get to. The trees really help to have some cooling breezes when you have company. Fun to have fire in pit and enjoy yourselves. I love your back yard.
    We’re working on our back yard more. When we put up the canopy to clean out suburban I told hubs we should leave it up out there for summer. Can let the legs up and down on canopy and tied it to things around it so wind won’t destroy it as happened out in our lower back yard. The wind out here is like hurricane so much of time, seems like it’s getting worse. We’ve had day after day of strong constant winds. Hubs made a nice work table for himself so we could use that to eat on. Would be nice out there. I love eating outside.
    We put some old carpet down out there also so we could have place to go thru things when we need to purge. I put an old rug down on that then so it’s nice out there. Too hot on our back deck in summer, trees we have are in lower back yard. We’ll never have everything as green as yours is but at least we’d be out by trees we do have.
    You’ve sure inspired me to make things nicer in our back yard. Yours is delightful. Are you enjoying your craft room?
    Happy days and Summer joys.

  18. It looks really great. What a wonderful escape!!!! xo Diana

  19. Your backyard sanctuary is so darling! I love all the furniture, levels,& trinkets ! The craft house is precious!


  20. I love your backyard and have taken some very good ideas from it. I have a question….on your path to the firepit…what did you put in it? It doesn’t look like mulch, was it small rocks?

  21. Love your back yard! I was out yard sale hunting with my niece about 3 weeks ago and she noticed a wreath on the front door of a house as I turned off a street. I looked and laughed and said, “hey! I know who lives there!” I recognized your “fence” wreath off your blog in a heartbeat! You don’t live very far from where I lived on Tomahawk! What a small world! Karen

  22. I love your yard, always been one of my favorites! XO

  23. What a lovely backyard. You can see all the love put into it, Melissa.

  24. Your backyard is so lovely!! Thanks for the tour around and I definitely want to see what’s behind those doors to your craft shed!!

  25. I love your back yard! Especially at night with the lights. That craft shed is amazing and I have to tell you I am jelly 😉 Would love something like that!

  26. I love, love, love your backyard…this year I decided to play in my yard. I live in Florida, have two large Oak trees and a Sycamore tree, which I love for the green and the shade. BUT, because of the trees I have sand instead of grass…my question to you is when it rains does it puddle in the pea gravel? I’d been thinking of a floating deck, but I ‘m also on a budget…love to see what you do next…Peace…

  27. OK – does your Dad need another daughter? I’m up for adoption. 🙂

  28. Building a simple landscaping project is a great way to save money. If you plan on doing this, try not to go overboard. This will limit your final product and it will also be much less attractive than a professional job. Use your common sense and you will end up with a great looking yard that is low maintenance. If you need some more help on a do it yourself project, then contact a local home improvement contractor who will be glad to help!

  29. Our architectural team of Clearscapes and Pugh + Scarpa have finished their design work. The City of Raleigh has approved our building permit, and we have selected C.T


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