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Magnolia Wreath

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 11 comments

Magnolia Wreath

Are you itchin to start decorating for Christmas?!

Or have you already started?!

I can’t wait!

But I have 3 girls in my house who feel very strongly that Thanksgiving doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving if the house is already decorated for Christmas.  And I don’t want to cheat them out of feeling the full meaning of Thanksgiving! 🙂

And since I host our Thanksgiving lunch, I will hold out on decorating…until I’m finished eating lunch.

And then the boxes come out of the attic!

Until then, I will just make plans and dream of what I’m going to do…

…but I do know that magnolia is going to play a big role in my decorations this year.

And all I’ll need to do is add a big bow to this wreath to have it ready for Christmas.

Here is how to make a Magnolia Wreath:

Magnolia Wreath

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Southern Living Inspired Fall Wreath

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Southern Living Inspired Fall Wreath

I love magazines.

And until my last yard sale…I might have been a magazine hoarder.

Every time one arrives in the mailbox, I can’t wait for the next break I’ll get to sit down and devour it cover to cover.

Some I love more than others.

Southern Living has been at the top of my list for years.

My mom has always had a subscription.

The pecan pie recipe that we both use {and get rave reviews with} to this day was from as issue from the 70’s. {She kept the copy of that magazine for years. It was lined up with the books at the bottom of the bookcase…I’m going to have to check next time I’m home to see if she still has it?!}

When my Southern Living arrived just a couple weeks back; my jaw dropped when I saw the cover.

And my wheels started spinning as how I could recreate that look on my own front porch.

Here is how to make this Southern Living Inspired Fall Wreath:

natural fall wreath

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5 Tips for Decorating a Front Porch for Fall

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5 Tips for Decorating a Front Porch for Fall

Today as I hurried all over town getting my to-do list taken care of…

…the thought occurred to me that we leave for the beach in just a few days…

…and I don’t have a swimsuit.

I was tempted to put it off.

{Which is why I currently don’t have a swimsuit.}

It’s one of those things that’s so easy to put off.

In fact, I prefer putting it off…

Fall Front Door

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A Simple Natural Fall Tablescape

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A Simple Natural Fall Tablescape

Yay! Today we are having another Hospitality Filled Home Tour! Today is all about Fall Centerpieces!

Make sure you visit all of my friends at the end of this post!

I’ve been thinking about my grandmother (my Muz) all day.

You see, I’m using one of her prized possessions as a part of my fall centerpiece on the dining table.

It belonged to her parents. It was given to them on their 50th wedding anniversary.

It’s now one of my prized possessions.

So as I arranged the magnolia leaves and added the tiny gourds and stacked the plates up in a pleasing arrangement…

…my thoughts drifted to my Muz.

White Pumpkin Table Setting

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Tips for Cleaning A Front Porch

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Tips for Cleaning A Front Porch

If given the choice to decorate or cleanI’m going to decorate every time!

But the other day, I forced myself (and maybe my children) to clean the front porch. Like really clean.

Because the stack of wood, the half dead plant, the rust stains, the abandoned birds nest, and the legions of bugs and their abodes just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

And let me tell you…the results were well worth the effort! There is just something refreshing about a clean front porch.

Here are my tips for cleaning a front porch:

Tips for Cleaning your Front Porch

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