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Simply Saturday

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Happy Saturday morning to you!

I hope that you are enjoying a slow morning with coffee…for me.

I’m picking up Anna Belle from a slumber party…and then driving across town to pick Lila Mae up from another slumber party…and my sweet hubby took Daisy to a Cross Country meet this morning at 7:00.

My plan is to get the other girls picked up and get out to the meet in time to watch Daisy run.  This is her first time to run Cross Country and I’m excited to see how meets work?

So as I enjoy my morning with a cup of coffee to go…I hope that you can relax and enjoy some of my favorite finds of the week.


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How to Make a Fall Wreath

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Fall is right around the corner.

I know it is because my calendar told me so.

Too bad that someone forgot to tell the weather.

Cross Country was cancelled for my oldest today because the heat index is at 109!


That isn’t even close to fall…

But I will just keep pretending and setting out pumpkins and decorating wreaths and displaying gourds in cute little DIY cloches and totally ignoring the fact that you melt as soon as you walk outside the door.

I’m good at pretending…as long as I have an air conditioner!

So for those of you who are ready to get ready for the fall that is sure to come.

Here is how to make a fall wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

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How to Make a Cloche

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in crafts, spray paint, thrift store | 11 comments

How to Make a Cloche

When we got married 19 years ago, “theme” showers were all the rage.

We had a book shower, ornament shower (December wedding), basket shower, kitchen shower

and while I had my lingerie shower…my husband had his tool shower.

Now my David is probably the greatest husband and father on the planet,

and if you need encouragement or laughter or a speaker for teens or a dishwasher…he’s your guy.

If you need a hammer or socket wrench…you’ll need to come to me.

I’m still using “his” tools from that shower.

And I was so grateful for that wrench set when I was making this project.

Here is how to make a cloche from a cheap thrift store clock.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

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Decorating a Front Entrance

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Decorating a Front Entrance

I should be awarded Mother of the Year.

I just fed my children dessert for dinner.

It did involve apples and ice cream {there is calcium in ice cream}…so maybe that makes it better? :)

These are the kind of things that happen when I’m exhausted.

The girls just finished their first week of school…we had a soccer tournament Friday night and Saturday morning…we had 32 teens for a cookout Saturday night…

…and I’m back to my 5:30 wake-up.

The BEST of times, but exhausting!

I did have some time to work on decorating my front entrance this week.

Just a new look to hold me over until it’s time for the mums and pumpkins…

Decorating a Front Entry

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Simply Saturday

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Simply Saturday

Happy Saturday. :)

My girls just finished their first week of school.

I now have one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary.  That should just about cover it!

The first day that I picked them all up…the reports were the same from all 3…BEST 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!

This is music to a mother’s ear!

And with the girls back in school, I’ve had a bit of time to plot and plan how I will be spending some of my time…


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