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How to Arrange Cut Flowers

Posted by on Aug 10, 2014 in flower arrangement | 7 comments

I tend to be a bit spontaneous.

{At least that’s what I like to call it.}

Not in the bungee jumping, skydiving, race car driving ways.

It probably tends more towards the “fails to plan ahead and then just wings it.”

And it presents itself by me waking up one morning and deciding to paint my kitchen that very day…even if we are leaving to go out of town the next day.

Also my “spontaneity” doesn’t really have time for things like planting seeds.

I need immediate results…not weeks later results.

But I am thankful that those zinnia packets caught my eye a few weeks back…and I’m even more thankful that I took the 2 minutes to throw the seeds into my flowers beds…and forget about them.  🙂

Because I now have beds full of flowers that can be cut and arranged!

So here is how to arrange cut flowers.

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

First you have to start with the best cut flowers.

And in my opinion they happen to be…

Best Cut Flowers

Zinnias – which grow very easy from seed.

Best Cut Flowers

I opened the seed packs and threw them into this empty flower bed and waited.

This is 3 packs of seed.

Best Cut Flowers

Black-eyed Susan – this one started from a plant.

It needs to be divided often, so if you see a friend that has some, I’m sure that she would give you a bit to plant in your own garden.

{And if you live in Murfreesboro – I am that friend 🙂 }

Best Cut Flowers

Daisies – also started from a plant.

And like the Black-eyed Susan, this plant also needs to be divided often!

How to Cut Zinnias

Start by cutting the plants.

Most plants have several shoots from one main stem.

Always cut at the base of the shoot.

Typically another shoot will be growing off that which has a bud on it that will produce another bloom.

The more you cut, the more they will bloom!

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

Remove all of the leaves that will be in the water and begin arranging in a criss-cross fashion

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

Continue crossing the stems over one another.

This will build a support that you can secure more stems into.

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

After the Zinnias form the criss-cross pattern, secure a few Black-eyed Susans and Daisies to fill in the gaps.

Share with friends or teachers or use in your own home!

Life to the full!


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  1. Zinnias are my all time favorite cut flower. My mom always had them along with her beloved sweet peas. Years ago, I prepared my flower bed, put in my zinna seeds the “right” way. I waited and waited — finally, one little plant came up, bloomed and quickly failed.

    I want to try your method next spring — I really just need to throw seeds on the dirt? lol!


  2. So pretty! I have pretty zinnias this year too! Always a FAV! Enjoy!

  3. Your flowers are amazing – simply beautiful! I want a garden like yours! (I’m only down the highway from you – in Franklin.)

  4. So beautiful, the colors are so rich in the zinnia’s. Perfect flowers to combine with them, you’d know that as you’re the champ flower arranger.
    Your flower arrangements always look so pretty, you have the knack and knowledge how to do it. You really have the eye for flowers. Could you loan me some of that talent?
    Have you settled back into school and regular routines yet? With kids being back in school so soon, really cuts summer out. There were few articles in our paper today how starting so early has really messed up things for people’s vacations, kids in 4H and FFA have had to lose out on finishing their projects so they can’t go to state fair with them in Pueblo. Now people are finally complaining and want to change school starting so soon. It talked about how it’s affected businesses that would get more business in August from vacationers and how kids that work aren’t able to earn as much money. How do you feel about kids having to start so soon? What was wrong with school starting after Labor day weekend?
    Hope you have great week, happy days.

  5. Thanks for the lesson on arranging flowers — I love fresh flowers in the house! Your garden flowers are lovely!

  6. Hey, love your site. We are from the same part of the map. I’m from Virginia, about 20 miles south of Roanoke. Very small town called Rocky Mount. Actually that place has another “claim to fame”. Franklin County is with in RM. and it the Moonshine Capital of the world. More shine is made in Franklin County to this day …still…(no pun intended) than any place on earth. Any way, I wanted to let you know about another very fast growing flower that looks very much like a Zinnia. The Dahlia. It grows from a blub, you plant the bulbs in the fall and you will not believe the yield you get. Especially the variety called Dinner Plate dahlia. The actually bloom often times get bigger that a dinner plate. You will have to stake them, they get very tall and the blooms are heavy. But the more blooms you cut, the more will come. You have to thin them out about every two to three years, but it is very much worth it.
    Enjoy your plants

  7. Actually, I do live in the “boro. I moved here last year from Hermitage. I had tons of blackeyed susans at that home. I would love to get them started here.

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