After Christmas Decorations are Down in the Dining Room

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I LOVE Christmas!

{don’t we all?}

But when the presents are opened

            …and the big meal has been eaten

                        …and family begins to pull out that afternoon

…my decorations come down immediately. 🙂

My husband laughs at me every year.

But for me when it’s over, it’s over.

Dining Room Decorations

Using an old shutter for a table runner

It’s time for the garlands and the trees to come down…

Painted China Cabinet

…and the spaces to open back up.

Painted Dining Hutch

I typically take everything off of every surface…

Skirted Buffet Table

…and start over.

Dining Room Decorations

And seeing that I’m totally forgetful…

Decorating with Moss

…I end up with a whole new look every January.

Natural Dining Room Colors

And even though I’m loving the new look…

Using an old shutter for a table runner

…I still can’t help but to fill my Pinterest Christmas boards and plan for the decorations next year!

Life to the full!


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  1. I LOVE the shutter as a table runner!

  2. Yes! Everything is packed up, put away, refreshed and renewed by December 28th! It feels so good! And then I still go through December magazines tearing out pages of things I want to try next year! 🙂

  3. That basket holding the fern is pretty adorable. Still working on taking mine down…

  4. Things look so much tidier when all decos are put away don’t they? Love how you used the shutter for a table runner, looks great. Usually I miss all the lights and bright colors but not this year. Only had lights on tree.
    Do you feel much relieved now to have things out of house? Phew, clear til next holidays. What will your next decorations be for? Are you working on anything now? Noticed your great bird art in d/r and have noticed it l/r or family room also.
    Know how you feel about getting holiday pretties out of house after weeks of looking at it all.. I was taking things down New Years day. I was ready before that but hubs actually said he’d miss it. He was sleeping in on New Years day so I started dismantling everything. Today I finally got Christmas decos put into box, waiting at back door to go out to shed.
    We bought a 30 gal. box yesterday at Target for $6.98 and it took everything except for 3 wreaths and the tree. That even included the new things I made. I had been thinking I should get another box but didn’t need it for decorations at least. Wish I had gotten another box as I’m sure I’ll need it when I start the reorganization headache,GROAN. Will you need to do any organizing, purging? I hate the mess for weeks sometimes but my little craft room is so cluttered.
    Also bought one of those cubby stands at Target for our bathroom. Then I’ll use stand in bathroom now to put all my paints on. Just have to figure out where I’ll put it in craft room.
    I’ve been wanting a new stand for bathroom (used for towels, toiletries) for while now, hubs was insulted that I didn’t like one he built (soon after we moved in in 2006) but when I explained I would be using it for my paints he forgot to be hurt anymore, phew. It’s ugly, was built with strand board lumber, good size (painted white) but ugly. Hope new cubby stand works as well.
    Sorry this is too long again,just tell this old lady to hush up Melissa.
    Have you had any snow yet? Happy days

  5. I agree…when it’s over, it’s over! 🙂 Everything looks beautiful for January.


  6. Not quite there yet- but I am working on it- Your place is looking good- xo Diana

  7. Happy New Year! Your dining is so interesting and beautiful. It’s wonderful and cozy when the Chritmas decor goes up, but so refreshing when down with opportunity to decorate a bit differently! Yours is stunning.

  8. I LOVE Christmas too and love to decorate for it but come New Year’s day I’m so ready to get my house back in order! I love the new look in your dining room Melissa…it’s so fresh and bright! You always put together beautiful displays!

  9. I have to laugh too! I’m the same way. Everything gets taken down on the same day! The house is a mess and then it’s bare. This year I’ve taken a few days before starting to redecorate. Today’s the day I’m hoping to start adding things back in.

    Love your dinning rooms January look. It’s very, very pretty.

  10. Melissa, we have so much in common! I am a typical take it all down after holidays kinda girl too, usually. My husband has laughed at me because I am taking it down Christmas night after the gifts are opened! ha ha This year, though, was an exception to the rule. We’ve had such a hard, sad year. I actually put my tree up the first week of November -earlier than I’ve ever done before. I am working 2 jobs now – 7 days a week and I had the weekend off and decided I had better do it while I had the time off! Now that the holiday is over and the new year is here, I just don’t have the heart to take down the tree yet. I light it every morning and it makes me smile to see those sweet white lights and the twinkle of the ornaments. I laughed and told my husband I will take it down when I get tired of looking at it this year. It just may be up till Easter! ha ha (just kidding) I will definitely not leave it up that long!! – Karen

  11. Melissa your home is so pretty. I love all y our treasures in your dining room. The shutter on the table is so clever.


  12. It always look so clean and fresh after all the holiday has been removed doesn’t it? Just did the very same myself this weekend.
    Lucky Melissa.

    • oopppsss that was to say: Luvly Melissa. 🙂

  13. Looks beautiful, would you share your paint colors on your wall and trim? Thanks!

    • I’d be GLAD to share! They are Porter paints. The wall is Southern Breeze. The ceiling is Colonial White. And the trim is just plain white. Literally nothing added, just the way it is off the shelf! Hope that helps!

  14. I love how calm and clean and crisp it all feels after the holiday, and my rooms always look different after partly because I am forgetful and partly because I like change…. but I must admit I always take everything down on New Years Day… feels good to get a fresh clean start throughout the house for the new year. I need to do some serious purging this year too! So many accessories… but they are fun to switch out on the mantel every month:)

  15. I love your style! And your dining room looks fresh and beautiful! Can you tell me where your light fixture above the table is from? I look forward to following your blog!

    • Thanks so much Kristin! The light fixture is from the Lt. Moses Willard collection. I don’t remember the name of the chandelier?! They have so many pretty wooden chandeliers in all different finishes! Hope that helps!

  16. Looks great Melissa! I am actually slow this year at taking things down. Thanx for joining THt!

  17. I’m just glad those wise men made it when they did, cause if they had been even a MINUTE late, my wife would have taken the star down and had it put away in the attic.

  18. This is so funny — I normally take all decorations down by the 28th. This year I waited until after January 1. I was so glad to get them packed away! Love the mercury glass candlesticks and the lovely greenery. Beautiful room!

  19. I am totally opposite. My decorations stay up until the end of the first week in January. I love the decorations and always want to enjoy them as long as I can. But it is always fun to redecorate after it’s all put away. your dining room is lovely. I love the skirt on your sideboard and all the mercury glass. Have a Happy New Year!

  20. I really love your dining room, we have a lot of the same tastes in decor so you have really given me some great ideas.

  21. Love that basket with the Fern!! Your dining room looks wonderful. I work in retail – so I like to leave my Christmas decor up for a bit after Christmas so I can relax and enjoy them. By New Years though, I’m ready to tear down and start fresh!

  22. I love it all, so pretty. You always amaze me with your gorgeous vignettes and decor. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  23. I have a friend that the Christmas deco goes up the day after Thanksgiving and like you as soon as the presents and meals are done she’s taking it down and it’s all put away by the 26th! I never was quite the ambitious to do it all that fast but I agree the house feels nice afterwards. Your home is very cute- love the fabric covered sideboard you have and that big twig baskets. Lots of eye candy- especially the dining table. The old window shutter is a cute display piece.

  24. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    So pretty and fresh! A beautiful look to begin the New Year!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a beautiful week,

  25. Everything just looks great, I loved the hanging basket and the one holding the fern.

  26. Warm and inviting. Would love to know the wall color you used and if you painted the hutch the color use there as well.

  27. Lovely, Warm and inviting. Would love to know the wall color you used and if you painted the hutch the color use there as well.

  28. Melissa,
    LOVE the new”cleared” look, dear one!!!
    I begin Christmas decor early (end of October)
    so, much like you…once it’s over, I’m ready to move on!
    I, too, this year began a photo file for Christmas 2014!!!
    I adore all the PoPs of green within your decor!
    Birds are always a favorite decor accessory here, too!
    Have a marvelous week!!!

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