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A Simple Natural Fall Tablescape

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Yay! Today we are having another Hospitality Filled Home Tour! Today is all about Fall Centerpieces!

Make sure you visit all of my friends at the end of this post!

I’ve been thinking about my grandmother (my Muz) all day.

You see, I’m using one of her prized possessions as a part of my fall centerpiece on the dining table.

It belonged to her parents. It was given to them on their 50th wedding anniversary.

It’s now one of my prized possessions.

So as I arranged the magnolia leaves and added the tiny gourds and stacked the plates up in a pleasing arrangement…

…my thoughts drifted to my Muz.

White Pumpkin Table Setting

fall tablescape

She grew up in the early 1900’s in rural Mississippi. ย She had no electricity or indoor plumbing. But she could tell stories that would make you want to move there anyway.

Stories of her dad and brothers working hard on the farm all week and the entire house anticipating Friday night when they would go to a neighbors barn and have dances. Her dad and uncles were all fiddle players. She would often tell me of the summer that she danced through 2 pairs of shoes.

fall tablescape with magnolia

She would tell of times that she would swim in their fishing hole. She said that she wasn’t afraid of the snakes swimming along side her because she had been told that snakes couldn’t bite in the water. She would then laugh as she told that story and try to remember who had told her such nonsense and wonder why in the world she had believed them. But she couldn’t remember of a time that anyone got bit.

fall table setting

The thing that I am most impressed at as I think back to my Muz are the family dinners she would host.

(My grandaddy died when I was 4, so I have very few memories of him.)

She was known for her fried chicken and her cakes. She could cook up anything at all, but these were her specialties in my mind.

fall tablescape with white pumpkins

But what impresses me is the fact that she would turn out these amazing family meals for 8 and 10 people in a kitchen that measured 9 x 12. This was her eat in kitchen. Yes, there was a table in there. It had to be pushed up against the wall and you could only actually use 2 of the chairs.

white pumpkins

And the dessert spread was my favorite. She would have a couple of cakes and another sweet of some sort that you could just eat with your fingers. And these were served off of her washing machine…which was also in her kitchen. She would simply throw a tablecloth over the top and it made the perfect serving table!

natural fall table

She did have a separate formal living and dining room. These rooms were saved for special occasions. And family dinners were those occasions. And this very dish often sat on the middle of her dining table.

She never would have dreamed of complaining about her 1200 square foot home. She thought she had it made…running water, electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning and a washing machine! She was living large!

fall table

And never once did she say that she didn’t have room. We just piled in those tiny rooms and ate fried chicken and coconut cake and made memories…memories that I will treasure forever.

I want to be more like my Muz.

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And don’t forget to share your fall centerpieces on Instagram with #HospitalityFilledHomes!

Life to the full!


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  1. Your Muz sounds so much of my Grandmother. I am Canadian, but my Grandma was from Boston (and she had the Bostonian accent!). She too lived in a tiny home, cooked amazing meals and desserts, and never complained. She also told stories – amazing stories to my brother and me.
    Now that I’m a grandma, I too want to carve out sweet memories to my grandchildren like she did and to tell stories, which is so important to pass along.
    Your centerpiece dish is gorgeous! Treasure it!

  2. I not only loved your story, but the centerpiece and the bowl that belonged to your Muz are beautiful! The story reminded me of both of my grandmothers and their “eat in” kitchens….such good memories of times around the table and their delicious cooking. Thanks for sharing…you made my day!

  3. Love your story (wonderful memories!) and your centerpiece is just beautiful! I’d like to be more like that too. When did we think we needed a large house to be hospitable?

  4. I love your Muz! sounds quite a bit like my Grannie.

    I went to Lipscomb (from IL) to spend time with them— I scheduled my classes so I could go out to their house in Hermitage a few times a week to watch As The World Turns with her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh, Melissa! I adore the story of your Muz! Doesn’t her life sound dreamy and simple. But hard too! What a treasure you have in those beautiful passed down items and what a fall treat to see them displayed in such a lovely way!!!!
    Thanks also for including me in Hospitality Filled Home! What a great group of bloggers.

  6. Beautiful story and beautiful centerpiece!! Love your style Melissa!

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a sweet story! Your Muz sounds amazing and filled with luv and the zest for life!!
    My sweet Gran ( maternal grandmother) was like that. A beautiful French lady that was transplanted in an English colonial country where she could not speak the language… but she never complained. Oohhh… yes, I ‘d like to be like my granny!!!
    Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story!

  8. Oh my goodness, Melissa-what a heartwarming, lovely post! Your Muz was definitely an amazing woman-and how wonderful to have one of her special treasures! I bet she would be so proud to see it as the center of your beautiful tablescape!

  9. I loved reading your story about your Muz! My maternal grandmother was originally from Mississippi as well and I called her Muzzy. She was so kind and gentle and sewed all my clothes until I was 12 or so. Her home was similar to your Muz’s and we always had Thanksgiving at her house. The dining table we ate on has been turned into a coffee table and is now in my daughter’s family room. I could never measure up to her, but I chose to be called Muzzy by my 5 grandchildren. Thanks for stirring up wonderful memories for me!

  10. Melissa, I’m visiting from Stone Gable and I absolutely LOVE the way you wove story into this lovely centerpiece. You are a wonderful storyteller! Your Muz – O! how we treasure these memories. Today on my blog is Tasty Tuesday and I mention my Grandma Emily and her soup-making skill! It must be the day for nostalgia. Love this – thank you for sharing your Muz!


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