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A Little Furniture Rearrange

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in brass, family room | 15 comments

I have a tendency to rearrange furniture.

My family has a tendency to not like furniture rearranged.

I have figured out that I can keep everyone happy if I leave the furniture alone and just rearrange all of the “accessories.”

But, after we took down the Christmas decorations, I decided that the bookcases needed to be moved.

They were ok in the dining room, but they would be over-the-top spectacular in the family room.

I got am early start one morning before anyone was up.

As my family began waking up and coming down the stairs, they quickly recognized what was happening.

Mom was moving furniture.

My youngest began to protest and almost cried.

(She did cry when we got a new front door.  “I like the old one,” she protested.  This is a girl who does not like change!  This is a trait that will make her hubby a very happy man one day!)

One by one, every last member of my family protested the move of the bookcases.

“Trust me!  This is going to look so much better,” was my anthem of the morning.

And, after the big traumatic move, they one by one said, “You were right, that does look better!”
Here are the bookcases in their new home.

Bookcase Feb 201303

Along with my lazy dog that would not move for the pictures.

Bookcase Feb 201318

I eventually see these chairs painted and recovered.

A bench between the chairs.

A rug to anchor the area.

Bookcase Feb 201308

I have a lot of books and “things” that needed to find a home in these bookcases.

I arranged all of the books first, turning some on their sides to leave little display nooks.

I kept most of the books on the lower shelves to that we could reach them easier.

We actually read these books.

Bookcase Feb 201329

My brass Goodwill squirrel along with a yard sale treasure that my grandmother (Lillian Daisy) bought about 40 years ago.

I guess “yard sale-ing” is an inherited trait?!

Bookcase Feb 201311

A crystal bowl that was a wedding gift houses special shells from our beach trips.

Bookcase Feb 201316

Some sections have fewer books, and more “things.”

Bookcase Feb 201326

The top of the bookcases houses some of my pottery collection.

I thing collections are prettier when they are grouped.

Bookcase Feb 201301

There you have my newly rearranged bookcases.

My family can be at peace.

I will not attempt to rearrange any more furniture for a while.

(Or at least until I get my next whim?!)

Life to the full,



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  1. What fun you’ll have styling restyling your book cases. If you have lots more “stuff” to use you’ll keep busy just doing that. They look great.
    lol Hubs used to say he’d better never come home in the dark when he trucked as he never knew where the furniture might be. I was alone a lot both in Mt and KY so amused myself rearranging anything I could move.
    We rearranged the l/r Tuesday so I could clean up the dog hair under, behind and any where else it might fly. Tommy sheds constantly. It’s hard to miss it since it’s black and lots of it. I’m sure glad we have a special attachment that sucks it up so much easier. Then we have cat hair all over also, especially on back of sofa where Monte likes to perch on top of sofa cushions. He also has his own special pillow between our pillows on bed. Our animals aren’t spoiled much. Our furry kidz are our babies. Here’s to moving furniture. Happy Days Melissa

  2. I so understand your need to change and move furniture; unfortunately, my dear hubby is like your family and dislikes change….somehow through 34 years of marriage (on Feb. 24th)we have reached a happy compromise!

    Love that brass squirrel. I found a brass pineapple today at Goodwill to add to my brass collection.


  3. There aren’t a lot of possibilities for me to rearrange furniture, so I just change accessories constantly. It’s so fun. Love your bookcases, they look fabulous. Great vignettes. Hugs, Marty

  4. I LOVE those bookshelves! They are beautiful. Movig furniture around is fun. I think it’s sorta a fix for shopping for new stuff – just rearrange the old.
    I found you from Liz Marie.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  5. I move stuff at home all the time. Luckily,my husband is just as fond of change as I am! I’m a Gemini and we are very fond of things not staying the same, so I guess it’s in the “stars” for me to move stuff around!

    I like the look of the bookcases in the living room. My big “honey do” project for my husband is to build me built in bookcases in our living room. I have practically a library of books and right now they are stored in boxes in the attic. – Karen

  6. i love rearranging – it can provide a whole brand new room and perspective for NO MOOLA – how cool is that!! ♥

  7. I love books in any room. They look so nice. You did a great job arranging them.

  8. Love the bookcases and the way you “styled” them. The thing that I liked the most, however was the story about your daughter. My son is exactly like that – no changes, ever. My daughter is the opposite – she cannot stand life, unless changes are occurring all the time. It is s amusing how we all are so different. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your bookshelves are gorgeous! I LOVE that your family actually reads the books. My motto is “if you are going to dust it, you might as well move it!”

  10. I move stuff around too all the time. You have a good eye sister..SO no matter where and what you do .. YOU will do Fabulous !!!!!!!! HUGS

  11. That’s funny that your family get’s that upset about your moving furniture! I’m the queen of “shuffling” furniture as I call it! My family is quite used to it and I think they’ve come to expect it! I agree that by moving the little things can give a new vibe to a room but every so often we realize that something may work better in one spot than another!
    I like those book cases. They are unique and I love the drawer pulls on them. They kind of remind me of library drawers. Those are great chairs you have set with them.

  12. Hi there ~ visiting from your link on Brenda’s blog. I move furniture all the time too! And it drives my husband and son nuts, also. 😉 Your bookcases are so pretty and I love how you have them arranged.

  13. I can well imagine the protests! But good for you that you finally go the acknowledgement you deserved. My husband readily admits he’s not good with that vision thing.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  14. Following you. Aside from that I love what you did with the bookcases! Love to have you link this to What to do Weekends. Have a great weekend yourself! Linda


  15. I know what everyone is saying, I always get why? Years ago before I had walls busted out to make more room, I bought this biI mean big blue lamp put it by the wall by the door going into the kitchen, Don came home from work walked by it for days never said anything, so from then on I buy whatever I need, or want( if I can afford it) so easy. Good man 48 years of good man.
    Have a happy life.

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