5 Easy DIY Wreaths

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I would LOVE for you to come to my house for a visit. . .

I would fix you a big glass of sweet tea,

and we could sit in my kitchen and talk about life,

and share funny stories about our families,

and I’d share my fudge pie recipe with you.

But before you ever stepped foot into my house,

before I even answered the door. . .

I would want you to feel welcome to my home.

And do you know how I would do that?

I would have a beautiful wreath hanging on my front door.

Here are 5 Easy DIY Wreath:

5 Easy Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

These are 5 super easy,

super quick wreath ideas.

You could make one today!

Hydrangea Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

Hydrangea Wreath

Birdcage Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

Burlap Bird and Birdcage Wreath

Canning Lid Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

Canning Lid Wreath

Burlap Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

Burlap Wreath

Fern Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

Fern Wreath

I hope you found some inspiration there!

Be creative!

And, when you are done making your wreath,

you should hang it on your front door,

and invite a friend over for some tea,

and y’all should share some life together 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. ooooh i love the hydrangea wreath! so beautiful!

  2. These are all so cute. I love them. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Melissa – I remember your beautiful hydrangea wreath from last year. My hydrangeas are the usual blue and purple. I know you can add something to the soil to change the color but I don’t really know if you can change them to green. Sure would love one like yours!

    Blessings to you, Patti

  4. Melissa your wreaths are so cute! Love your new photo too pretty lady 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  5. Loved all the wreaths, some I had missed from last year. They’re all so gorgeous, makes me envious. You do real great work gal. Have a hard time deciding what’s my favorite, do you have a favorite of them?
    I’d like to figure out how to make one of those bird cage thingy’s and make a wreath like that. The only way I could make a hydrangea wreath would be to use phony ones, boy are they expensive now even on sale, phewy.
    Are you melting from the heat down there? I have to admit I’m not missing the KY heat and humidity. Humidity has been higher here even, we don’t spend much time outdoors during the day lately. Been in high 90’s. Even the dog stays in during the day, can hardly get him to go out to pee lately.
    How’s your gorgeous sweet dog doing in the heat? Poor critters with all that fur. I gave ours a much needed bath on Tuesday, boy does he smell much better and the house too. Bath tub and whole bathroom were pretty yucky to clean but was worth it. He looks so shiny now. I’ll have to make sure he gets a bath much more often now. He’s shedding worse so I have to brush him more also. For the love of our furry kidz huh? That’s ok he’s sure worth it, all the love and joy he gives back. Ok I’ll shut up. Take care and try to stay cool. When do your kids go back to school? Happy weekend

  6. Awesome wreaths! Love the post and totally pinned it!

    Happy day!

  7. Melissa, thanks for sharing these wreath ideas again. My hydrangeas are withering now but would be great in a wreath!! I’m going to make that fern wreath, too. Great inspirations and ideas!!!

  8. Great wreaths! The canning lid wreath is a very unique idea. All would make me feel welcome at your front door!

  9. I love the hydrangea wreath and the fern wreath! The mason jar lid wreath is awesome too!! very fun! Come link up your post at my party Centerpiece Wednesday http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2013/07/centerpiece-wednesday-85-and-wrap-up.html

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