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Posts made in August, 2012

Spray Painted Lamp and Other Odds and Ends

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Daisy's room, spray paint, thrift store | 45 comments

Are you tired of seeing posts about Daisy’s room yet?

I am tired of working on it!

But, we are FINISHED!!!

Well, for the most part. . .

still need a dust ruffle,

want to change some pulls on her furniture,

have one more pillow to add.

I might share a couple of those with you as they happen, but for the most part, IT IS FINISHED!

I am kind of over it for now.  I am going to make myself finish it all this weekend or it will stay just like it is until it is time for us to redo it again.

I have spray painted more things than I ever imagined I would.

It is amazing what a little (or lot) of spray paint can do.

Here are a few pictures of my latest spray painting spree.

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Chalkboard Door

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Daisy's room, paint | 6 comments

Thought I would show you one of the fun new additions to Daisy’s room.

Daisy really wanted her new room to be a creative space.

I think this chalkboard door helps to keep the “creative” feel of this room.

There is no “how-to” on this.

You simply paint.

I always use the “brush-on” chalkboard paint.

There is a spray paint, but it would not have been very easy to paint the door with that.

Here is her new closet door painted in chalkboard paint.

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Picnic Basket for Craft Storage

Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in crafts, Daisy's room, fabric flower, organization, yard sale | 15 comments

One of the requests Daisy had for her new room, was a great place to craft.

She is a lot like her mother. . .

Storage was a big issue.  We wanted cute, stylish storage.

So far we have used pickle jars and an old travel suitcase.

Here is the next addition to the “craft storage.”

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How to Make Moss Balls

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Daisy's room, moss, pillows, thrift store, yard sale | 18 comments

Daisy is officially 13 years old.

Her room is almost complete!

I only have a few pictures to share. . .

I took these pictures after a slumber party the night before, so I had to zoom in pretty close!

I will share more pictures when the sleeping bags and general mess are gone!

Daisy loves “simple.”

She wanted to make sure that the arrangement over her bed was not “too much.”

Here is what we came up with.

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Lampshade Makeover from an Old Skirt

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Daisy's room, fabric, thrift store | 17 comments

Still working on Daisy’s room. . .

I am trying to use as much as we can from what we already have.

We already had 2 matching bedside lamps, but the shades were pink gingham.

I could have bought new lampshades, but they are so expensive!  You can almost buy a whole lamp for the price of the shade!

I headed to my craft closet to see what I could use to redo the lampshade.

That is when I saw an old skirt that I had grabbed at Goodwill for $1.

Inspiration struck!

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